Vintage Vogue: 15 1930’s Hairstyles For Long Hair 2024

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of 1930’s long hairstyles—a voyage back to a time when opulent waves and elaborate curls were the epitome of sophistication. Dive into the seminal fashion movements that were both a form of individual expression and a reflection of the societal and economic milieu. From the elegance of finger waves to the flow of voluminous curls, uncover the grace and intensity that cemented these retro hairstyles as a significant expression of inventiveness and perseverance amidst adversity. Embark on this exploration with us as we uncover the craftsmanship and methods entailed in these stunning hairstyles, traversing a rich narrative interwoven into the legacy of the past, making the 1930s a hallmark era for long hair fashion.

15 Iconic 1930’s Hairstyles For Long Hair

When we explore the charm of the 1930’s hairstyles for long hair, we’re diving into a time of sophisticated elegance and classic femininity. The decade presented a wealth of styles that are still celebrated for their vintage glamour today. We have put together a list of 15 iconic hairstyles from the 1930s for you.

1. Finger Waves

Soft and undulating, finger waves were a staple look that added immediate sophistication to long tresses. Achieved by molding hair into s-shaped curves, this style radiated a timeless romance.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Finger Waves
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2. Soft Curls

The 1930s were all about soft, fluffy curls that gave volume to long locks. These romantic curls could be styled conservatively for day wear or more dramatically for evening elegance.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Soft Curls
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3. Braided Crown

braided crown not only kept long hair tidy but also paid homage to a regal aesthetic. Wrapping around the head, this style was perfect for a stately, yet accessible, look.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Braided Crown
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4. Chignon

A low, sleek chignon sat at the nape of the neck, epitomizing the sleek style of the 30s. It was a versatile updo, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Chignon
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5. Rolls and Twists

1930s long hair often featured intricate rolls and twists, which elegantly swept hair away from the face, creating a look of refined sophistication.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Rolls and Twists
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6. Gibson Roll

This voluminous updo, the Gibson Roll, was essentially a chignon with added height and volume, often accessorized with pins and combs to secure the style.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Gibson Roll
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7. Waterfall Waves

Long hair cascaded down in a flirtatious display of waterfall waves, offering a more relaxed take on Hollywood glamour.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Waterfall Waves
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8. Bouffant

Adding a bit of height, the bouffant allowed long-haired ladies to experiment with volume on top, while often pairing the look with curls or waves at the ends.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Bouffant
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9. Ribboned Ponytail

A simple ponytail was taken up a notch by adding a ribbon, transforming it into a chic statement suitable for daytime wear.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Ribboned Ponytail
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10. Victory Rolls

The iconic victory rolls weren’t just for those with short hair; long hair could be styled into these large, voluminous curls that framed the face beautifully.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Victory Rolls
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11. Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up, half-down style provided the best of both worlds, keeping hair off the face while showing off length and curls.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Half-Up, Half-Down
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12. Side-Swept Waves

Long hair elegantly draped over one shoulder in side-swept waves offered an alluring asymmetry that hinted at silver screen sirens.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Side-Swept Waves
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13. Pin Curls

For a more defined curl, pin curls were meticulously set and allowed to dry, then brushed out to reveal a tight, uniform wave pattern.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Pin Curls
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14. Sculpted Waves

Long hair became a work of art with sculpted waves, carefully arranged to hold their shape all day and often set with a strong-hold hair product.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Sculpted Waves
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15. Updo

Whether it was a sophisticated bun or a complex arrangement of twists, an updo for long hair always added a touch of class and demure beauty to any 1930s-inspired ensemble.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Updo
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Historical Context of 1930’s Hairstyles

Exploring the 1930’s hairstyles for long hair, is like stepping back into an era where the silver screen and economic climate drastically influenced fashion.

Influence of Cinema and Stars

The 1930s, often seen as an extension of the Jazz Age, witnessed the rise of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Cinema was a great escape from the struggles of everyday life, especially during the Great Depression. Prominent Hollywood stars like Marlene DietrichGinger RogersGreta GarboBette DavisJoan Crawford, and Carole Lombard became style icons, inspiring women across America to emulate their glamorous hairdos. Whether it was Dietrich’s sleek blonde waves or Lombard’s sophisticated curls, their signature looks defined the beauty standards of the decade.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Marlene Dietrich
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The Impact of the Great Depression

The Great Depression had a palpable impact on fashion and hairstyles. Despite economic hardships, women found resourceful ways to look stylish. The necessity to maintain a decent appearance for potential job opportunities meant hairstyles had to be both attractive and functional. This often meant long hair was styled neatly away from the face, with economical home-styling methods taking precedence over expensive salon visits. Waves and curls, which could be achieved with simple tools like rags and pins, became immensely popular as they provided a way to maintain a polished look without the cost.

Hair Styling Tools and Accessories

The vision of elegant waves and chic updos immediately come to mind when we think of 1930’s hairstyles for long hair. Achieving such sophistication required an arsenal of tools and accessories, from the humble bobby pin to the glamorous hat.

Use of Clips, Pins, and Combs

In the 1930s, styling long hair often involved creating curls and waves that needed to hold their shape throughout the day. To do this, bobby pins were essential, often used in conjunction with hair rollers to set the hair. Clips and combs were also commonplace, not only to help style but also to maintain the structure of more intricate hairdos.

  • Bobby Pins: Used to secure curls and rolls.
  • Clips: Helped in creating waves and temporarily holding hair sections.
  • Combs: Sometimes inserted as a finishing touch for hold and decoration.

Accessorizing with Flowers and Hats

Accessories played a massive role in 1930s hairstyles, adding flair to otherwise simple looks. Flowers could be tucked behind the ear or woven into braids for a feminine touch. Hats were not just practical; they were a fashion statement. Depending on the occasion, a hat could range from wide-brimmed and floppy for daytime to close-fitting and bejeweled for evening events.

  • Flowers: Gave a fresh, natural appeal to hairstyles.
  • Hats: Varied greatly, from casual sun hats to elegant evening headpieces adorned with rhinestones.

Adding the right accessory was the perfect way to complete a 1930s look. Whether it was a practical hair comb or a decorative floral piece, these accessories allowed women to express their style while maintaining the characteristic elegance of the decade.

Long Hair Care and Maintenance

With long hair, it’s crucial to focus on the right care and methods to maintain those classic looks. Proper techniques ensure our long tresses stay healthy and that iconic styles hold their shape throughout the day.

Getting the Perfect Curl

The key to achieving the signature finger curls popular in the 1930s is using the right tools and methods. A curling iron can be our best friend when it comes to creating precise curls. Here’s how we can get those perfect curls:

  1. Preparation: Begin with clean, dry hair. Apply a heat protectant.
  2. Sectioning: Divide the hair into manageable sections.
  3. Curling: Curl each section with the curling iron, then pin the curl in place to cool.

Tip: To create authentic 1930’s voluminous waves, curl the hair in the same direction for a uniform look.

Preserving Styles Overnight

To maintain our 1930’s hairstyles for long hair while we slumber, incorporating a few nighttime practices will protect those longer hair styles:

  • Silk Scarves: Wrap the hair in a silk scarf to reduce friction and prevent frizz.
  • Pin Curls: For tighter curls, pin them in place before bed—the shape holds better as you sleep.

Remember: Always be gentle. Long hairs are more prone to breakage, especially in styled forms such as voluminous waves or waterfall waves.

Modern Interpretations and Celebrity Influences

Iconic 1930’s hairstyles for long hair have found their way into the 21st century, blending the allure of the past with today’s fashion trends. Celebrities often spark renewed interest in vintage styles by adding a modern twist for red carpet events and photo shoots.

Vintage Meets Contemporary

The timeless elegance of Hollywood waves and deep side partings from the 1930s pairs well with today’s sleek fashion, offering a nod to history while staying current. Romantic waves are a particular favorite, with a softer and more relaxed take that suits our more casual, modern aesthetic. These styles are reinterpreted with contemporary techniques to ensure they work with today’s hair textures and types, ensuring anyone can pull off a retro look with a fresh touch.

1930s Looks on Modern Celebrities

It’s common to see our beloved stars like Taylor SwiftCara Delevingne, and Zendaya embrace and adapt 1930s hairstyles for major events. Swift has often been seen with platinum blonde hair styled into these luxurious waves, proving the style’s versatility across different hair colors. Meanwhile, Delevingne’s bold features are perfectly framed by 1930s-inspired ‘dos, particularly when she sports a deep side parting that echoes the era’s glamour. Zendaya, a chameleon on the red carpet, has channeled vintage vibes with retro hairstyles, showing just how these iconic 1930s looks can be transformed for a modern audience.

1930's hairstyles for long hair Taylor Swift
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Our Opinion On 1930’s Hairstyles For Long Hair

When we reminisce about 1930’s hairstyles for long hair, we’re immediately filled with a sense of nostalgia and admiration. The era championed elegance and femininity, traits that were beautifully manifested in the hairstyles of the time. This golden age brought us waves and curls that added sophistication to women’s appearances.

Why We Appreciate the Style:

  • Elegance: The soft waves and sculpted curls epitomized a timeless glamour.
  • Versatility: From movie stars to everyday fashion, these styles were admirably adaptable.

In the 1930s, despite the fashion for shorter haircuts, there were still considerable ways to style long hair.

We must commend the resourcefulness of women during the 1930s who set trends that have inspired countless looks today. Despite the absence of today’s styling tools, they managed to exemplify creativity and finesse with their long locks. Even now, these historic trends are a go-to for anyone looking to infuse some vintage flair into their style.

FAQ – 1930’s Hairstyles For Long Hair

What was the most popular hairstyle in 1930?

The most popular hairstyle in the 1930s for long hair was undoubtedly the finger wave. This style featured smooth waves created with fingers and a comb, often embellished with pins or decorative clips for added glamor.

What are some facts about 1930s hair?

Versatility: 1930s hairstyles for long hair ranged from elegant waves to sophisticated updos.
Innovation: The decade saw improvements in haircare products and tools, allowing women to achieve these looks at home.

How to do finger waves with long hair?

Apply gel to damp hair to help hold the waves.
Use a comb and fingers to shape the hair into S-curved waves, securing with clips as needed.
Dry thoroughly, either naturally or with a low-heat setting on a hairdryer.
Remove clips and brush out gently for a softer wave.

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