Bristle Hairbrush

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Revitalize your hair with our bristle hairbrush, designed to stimulate the scalp, balance oil, and reduce static. Crafted with boar bristles and a durable beech handle, it’s portable and perfect for on-the-go grooming.

Specifications for Bristle Hairbrush:

  • Material: Boar Bristle + Beech Wood
  • Color Options: Light brown, Dark brown, Purple
  • Dimensions: 22 x 6 cm
  • Features:
    • Stimulates scalp and promotes blood circulation
    • Balances oil production
    • Anti-static design
    • Helps decrease dandruff and split ends
  • Ideal for: Daily grooming, travel use
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Elevate your hair care routine with our premium bristle hairbrush, meticulously crafted to enhance scalp health and hair texture. Featuring boar bristles, this brush stimulates the scalp, accelerating blood circulation and promoting natural oil distribution for balanced, healthier locks. Say goodbye to static-induced frizz – our anti-static design prevents hair damage, leaving your hair silky and smooth. The boar bristles also work wonders in protecting your hair, reducing dandruff, and minimizing split ends. Designed with a comfortable and durable beech handle, this brush ensures effortless grooming sessions. Compact and portable, it’s the perfect companion for your travels, allowing you to maintain your hair’s health and beauty wherever you go. Available in light brown, dark brown, and purple variants, our bristle hairbrush combines functionality with style. Say hello to luscious, manageable hair with our must-have grooming essential.

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