20 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair: Transform Your Look In 2024

Are you ready to transform your curly hair in 2024? Discover the 20 best haircuts for curly hair that will elevate your look and boost your confidence.

Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect haircut for curly hair, you’re in for a treat. We’ve scoured the latest trends to bring you a variety of styles that will embrace those natural spirals and boost your hair’s innate volume. From pixie cuts to layered masterpieces, there’s something to make every curl pop.

Curly Shag Haircut

Embrace a rock ‘n’ roll vibe with the Curly Shag Haircut. It’s ideal for creating movement and a carefree look that’s as easy to maintain as it is stylish.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Shag Haircut
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Curly Layers with Highlights

Curly Layers with Highlights add depth and dimension, spotlighting your curls’ dynamic texture while brightening your overall look.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Layers with Highlights
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Dark Long Curls

Dark Long Curls offer a classic and elegant look, especially when given long layers that provide shape and prevent the hair from weighing down.

haircuts for curly hair Dark Long Curls
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Face Framing Layers

For a soft and flattering style, try Face Framing Layers. They draw attention to your facial features, complementing your natural curls.

haircuts for curly hair Face Framing Layers
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Curly Mullet

Bold and edgy, the Curly Mullet combines short and long lengths for a modern twist on the traditional mullet, adding an unexpected touch to your curly hair.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Mullet
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Curly Bob Cut

Curly Bob Cut is a timeless choice that showcases short, bouncy curls, perfect for a chic look that’s as versatile as it is fashionable.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Bob Cut
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Pixie Cut with Curls

Short and sweet, a Pixie Cut with Curls gives you a low-maintenance, yet utterly charming style, highlighting your facial structure.

haircuts for curly hair Pixie Cut with Curls
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Italian Bob

The Italian Bob is a voluminous and textured variant, hitting just at the jawline, and suited for those with a flair for sophistication in their haircuts for curly hair.

haircuts for curly hair Italian Bob
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Blonde Long Curls

Blonde Long Curls shine bright, especially with intentional layers that let each curl catch the light and bounce with life.

haircuts for curly hair Blonde Long Curls
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Curly Lob

The Curly Lob, or long bob, finds that sweet spot between short and long, making it a great choice for medium-length hair wanting balance.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Lob
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Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Achieve a frame for your face with Curtain Bangs Curly Hair, which pairs well with any length and adds a hint of playfulness.

haircuts for curly hair Curtain Bangs Curly Hair
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Ear-Length Bob with Honey Blonde Highlights

An Ear-Length Bob with Honey Blonde Highlights will transform your look with a light-catching color and a cute, cropped silhouette.

haircuts for curly hair Ear-Length Bob with Honey Blonde Highlights
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Tousled Curls

For those with shorter styles, Tousled Curls are all about embracing the bedhead charm, full of personality and easy vibes.

haircuts for curly hair Tousled Curls
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Mocha Brown Curls

Opt for rich and warm Mocha Brown Curls to give off a luxurious yet natural feel that’s bound to make a statement.

haircuts for curly hair Mocha Brown Curls
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Voluminous Curls

Go big or go home with Voluminous Curls, tailored to maximize your hair’s natural volume and create a stunning, head-turning effect.

haircuts for curly hair Voluminous Curls
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Vintage Curls

Channel old Hollywood glamour with Vintage Curls, perfect for a throwback touch that’s anything but outdated.

haircuts for curly hair Vintage Curls
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Perm Hairstyle

Revive the classic Perm Hairstyle to get long-lasting curls that provide texture and vibrancy, even if you weren’t born with them.

haircuts for curly hair Perm Hairstyle
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Curly Wolf Cut

The Curly Wolf Cut mashes up the shag and the mullet for a feral and wild look that’s totally in control.

haircuts for curly hair Curly Wolf Cut
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Layered Curly Haircut

Layered Curly Haircut gives your mane definition and frees your spirals for ultimate bounce and movement.

haircuts for curly hair Layered Curly Haircut
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Face Framing Ginger Curls

Lastly, Face Framing Ginger Curls stand out with their fiery hues, inviting spontaneity and brightness into your curly repertoire.

haircuts for curly hair Face Framing Ginger Curls
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Understanding Curly Hair Types and Textures

Your curls are as unique as you are. Identifying the right type and texture is the cornerstone of a flawless haircut that enhances your natural beauty.

Identifying Your Curl Type

haircuts for curly hair curl patterns
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Our journey to the perfect haircut starts with understanding your curl type. Knowing whether you have Type 2 (wavy)Type 3 (curly), or Type 4 (kinky/coily) hair can make all the difference.

  • Type 2 (Wavy): Characterized by an “S” shape, tends to be closer to straight but with a bend.
  • Type 3 (Curly): This is where we find more defined, spiral curls that remain voluminous.
  • Type 4 (Coily/Kinky): This hair type includes very tight curls, often with a zigzag pattern.

Each type then has subtypes A, B, and C, which further define the width and pattern of our curls. For instance, 3A curls are looser, while 3C has tighter, more tapered curls.

The Importance of Texture

Texture matters because it affects how your hair behaves. Fine curly hair needs a light touch to avoid getting weighed down, while thick hair can handle layers that might overwhelm finer textures.

  • Wavy Texture: Generally more relaxed, it offers a soft, natural wave that works with light layering.
  • Curly Texture: Needs moisturized care to stay defined and prevent frizz.
  • Coily Texture: Often requires more hydration and can exhibit significant shrinkage, which influences the perceived length of our hair.

FAQ – Haircuts For Curly Hair

How often should I get a haircut for curly hair?

Aim for every 8-12 weeks to maintain shape and manage split ends.

What haircut suits tight curls?

Layered haircuts can be a game-changer. They help in reducing bulk and adding shape. A shoulder-length bob can give off a chic look while incorporating voluminous layers to provide body and allow our curls to form their natural pattern without being weighed down.

Can I get bangs with curly hair?

Yes, but choose soft, side-swept bangs to complement curls and avoid frizz.

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