Unlock the Glamour: Mastering Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle 2024

Prepare to adopt the legendary Jessica Rabbit hairstyle, a perennial favorite that’s sweeping the beauty scene. This style combines vintage elegance with contemporary charm, offering lush, sensuous waves that capture the quintessential spirit of the famed animated seductress. Featuring deep hues and luxurious curls, stars and trendsetters alike are adopting their own takes on this enchanting look, highlighting its adaptability and theatrical flair. Come along as we explore the magnetic appeal of Jessica Rabbit’s coiffure and learn why it’s a favored option for adding a touch of animated enchantment to your appearance.

The Iconic Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle

When we think of the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle, we’re immediately drawn to its lush Hollywood waves and retro allure, a trend that has transcended time to remain a symbol of old Hollywood glam.

Historical Inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s

Jessica Rabbit’s hair is a glamorous nod to the past, heavily inspired by the full-bodied waves and curls that defined the iconic looks of the 1940s and 1950s Hollywood starlets. This period emphasized a timeless, sculpted style that was both elegant and bold.

Jessica Rabbit’s Signature Elements

  • Color: A vivid, rich red that commands attention.
  • Volume: Elevated at the roots to create a stunning, gravity-defying bouffant.
  • Shaping: Waves meticulously curled in the same direction for cohesion.
  • Finish: Tresses brushed out with a soft bristle brush for that seamless, glamorous cascade.
jessica rabbit hairstyle jessica rabbit hairstyle
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Influence of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

The 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” brought the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle into the spotlight, merging animation with live-action to showcase this iconic look. It wasn’t just a hairstyle; it was a character trait, synonymous with Jessica’s sultry and confident persona, impacting fashion and beauty trends beyond the silver screen.

jessica rabbit hairstyle Jessica Rabbit cartoon
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Creating the Look: Tools and Techniques

A hairstylist using a curling iron to create Jessica Rabbit's signature voluminous curls. A mirror reflects the stylist's focused expression as they work

We’re about to dive into the timeless allure of the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle, lending anyone that coveted red carpet radiance. Whether you’re prepping for a glamorous event or just want to jazz up your look, understanding the right tools and techniques is crucial for achieving those luscious, voluminous waves.

Curling Iron and Rollers

A trusty curling iron ($47.99) is your best friend for this style. Look for a barrel size that complements the length of your hair—typically, a larger barrel for longer hair to create those signature, flowing waves. Additionally, rollers can aid in setting the curls, especially if you’re aiming for that extra bounce and a more pronounced curve.

  1. Heat your curling iron.
  2. Curl small sections from the nape forward.
  3. Use rollers to retain the shape and cool down.

Teasing and Volumizing

For that iconic Jessica Rabbit volume, teasing is key. Take a section of hair near the crown and gently backcomb it with a soft bristle brush to create the foundation of your look. Apply a volumizing mousse ($15.00) to damp hair before blowing it dry, directing hair upwards and opposite of where it lays to amplify the lift.

  • Tease the crown area lightly.
  • Incorporate volumizing products.
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Securing the Style with Pins and Hairspray

Once you’ve shaped and teased your locks, it’s time to lock everything in place. Use pins ($4.25) to secure any unruly curls or to help cool down the style in the desired shape. A generous mist of hairspray will fortify your glamorous ‘do, giving you confidence that your Jessica Rabbit hairstyle will maintain its stunning, tousled perfection throughout the evening.

  • Pin curls if necessary to set them precisely.
  • Finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

Color and Makeup: Enhancing the Red Hair

A vibrant red hair with dramatic curls and a bold makeup look, emphasizing the eyes and lips

Here’s how to capture that vibrant red color and makeup mastery to match the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle.

Choosing the Right Shade of Red

Picking the right shade of red is crucial for the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle. It’s not just about going red; it’s about finding the perfect red that’s both intense and luxurious.

  • For fair skin: Go for a shade with more blue undertones.
  • For medium skin: Try a richer, auburn red.
  • For olive skin: An orange-based red can be very flattering.
  • For dark skin: A deep burgundy red will look stunning.

Remember, the red should complement your skin tone and make the hair color truly sing.

jessica rabbit hairstyle Jessica rabbit hairstyle
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Makeup that Complements the Hairstyle

Makeup should enhance the hairstyle, with a focus on sultry eyes and, of course, classic red lipstick.


  • Use darker eyeshadows to create a smoky effect.
  • Add a touch of shimmer to bring light to the eyes.


  • Choose a red lipstick that matches the warmth or coolness of your hair.
  • A matte or slightly glossy finish will both work depending on the occasion.

Opt for a balanced look where your makeup is sexy without overpowering the statement your red hair already makes.

Adapting Jessica Rabbit’s Hair to Different Textures

A red-haired silhouette with voluminous curls cascading down the back, framing the face in a sleek, side-swept style

We adore the iconic Jessica Rabbit hairstyle, with its sumptuous waves and dramatic side sweep that spell out classic glamour. Whether you have the bounciest afro curls or the sleekest platinum locks, let’s see how you can rock this timeless look.

Working with Afro Hair

For afro hair, structure is the game-changer. The dense, coiled texture makes for an incredible volume that just needs some direction. Start by stretching out your curls using a blow dryer with a comb attachment, which gives a smoother foundation to work with. Once elongated, select small sections and use a curling tong to create those signature Jessica Rabbit waves. It’s pivotal to curl each section in the same direction before gently brushing them out for that seamless, uniform wave pattern.

Variations for Blonde and Platinum Hair

Blonde and platinum hair can exude the Jessica Rabbit allure with the right techniques. Since lighter hair can sometimes appear thinner, creating volume is crucial. Hair stylist Samantha Cusick suggests focusing on small sections when curling your hair from the nape forward. This method amplifies fullness throughout. For platinum blondes, tonal contrasts can add depth, so consider subtle lowlights to emphasize the waves and add a luxurious touch. Remember, a high-quality bristle brush is your best friend for blending those curls into fluid waves that cascade down your shoulder.

FAQ – Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle

What is Jessica Rabbit’s hairstyle called?

The Jessica Rabbit hairstyle, characterized by its deep side part and dramatic, voluptuous waves, can be best described as old glam Hollywood curls. It echoes the classic glamour of old Hollywood icons like Veronica Lake.

How do you get Jessica Rabbit waves?

1. Start with A deep side part.
2. Add Volume: Use a volumizing spray for the roots.
3. Create Waves: Curl your hair in sections, directing them away from the face using a large-barrel curling iron.
4. Shaping Waves: Brush out the curls gently to form a smooth, ‘S’ shaped wave, securing the swooped front with bobby pins as needed.
5. Set the Style: Apply hairspray for hold, ensuring the waves cascading down one shoulder maintain their shape.

Who is Jessica Rabbit based on?

Jessica Rabbit’s character, including her hairstyle, encapsulates the essence of vintage Hollywood glamour, with influences from starlets like Veronica Lake. It’s a visual homage that resonates with the allure and mystique of the silver screen’s sultriest vixens and has since been adopted by various celebrities as an elegant nod to antiquated charm.

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