30 Rave Hairstyles for Short Hair: Party-on in 2024

Hairstyles for short hair at raves go beyond just creating a look—they’re about owning our confidence and embracing our self-expression amid the pulsating bass and flashing strobe lights. We’re aware that at a rave, our appearance holds nearly as much significance as the tunes. Sporting short hair opens up a plethora of innovative and audacious style options, giving us the opportunity to display our unique identity even without lengthy locks.

30 Iconic Rave Hairstyles For Short Hair

When we hit the rave scene, our hair is our standout accessory, and short locks are no exception. Here are 30 iconic rave hairstyles for short hair that will have you looking and feeling like the life of the party.

1. Space Buns

Pairing the playful vibe of space buns with short hair is both cute and practical for a night of dancing.

rave hairstyles for short hair Space Buns
by Pinterest

2. Glitter Roots

Apply a swath of glitter along your roots for a sparkling statement that lights up under the rave’s neon.

rave hairstyles for short hair Glitter Roots
by Pinterest

3. Faux Hawk

The faux hawk gives short hair an edge, perfect for channeling that rave rebel spirit.

rave hairstyles for short hair Faux Hawk
by Pinterest

4. Braided Crown

braided crown adds a hint of majestic elegance to your ensemble while keeping hair off your face.

rave hairstyles for short hair Braided Crown
by Pinterest

5. Pixie Cut with Colored Streaks

Revamp your pixie cut with bold colored streaks that glow amid the rave’s strobe lights.

rave hairstyles for short hair Pixie Cut with Colored Streaks
by Pinterest

6. Rainbow Undercut

Reveal a burst of color with a hidden rainbow undercut that surprises every time you move.

rave hairstyles for short hair Rainbow Undercut
by Pinterest

7. Mohawk Braid

The mohawk braid is a versatile look that combines punk rock cool with rave chic.

rave hairstyles for short hair Mohawk Braid
by Pinterest

8. Glitter Part

glitter part is a subtle way to add shimmer to your style without overwhelming your overall look.

rave hairstyles for short hair Glitter Part
by Pinterest

9. Twisted Mini Buns

Twisted mini buns offer a quirky twist to the classic rave bun hairstyle for those with shorter strands.

rave hairstyles for short hair Twisted Mini Buns
by Pinterest

10. Side-Shaved with Designs

Get creative with a side-shaved look that features etched designs or patterns.

rave hairstyles for short hair Side-Shaved with Designs
by Pinterest

11. Textured Waves

Short hair gets a boost with textured waves that provide a beachy yet rave-ready vibe.

rave hairstyles for short hair Textured Waves
by Pinterest

12. Colorful Hair Accessories

Use colorful hair accessories like clips and headbands to brighten up and personalize your hairstyle.

rave hairstyles for short hair Colorful Hair Accessories
by Pinterest

13. Sleek Wet Look

The sleek wet look is alluring and helps manage your hair while you enjoy the music.

rave hairstyles for short hair Sleek Wet Look
by Pinterest

14. Feather Extensions

Clip in some feather extensions for a bohemian touch that flows with the dance beats.

rave hairstyles for short hair Feather Extensions
by Pinterest

15. French Braided Bangs

Keep your bangs in check with a sleek French braid that adds sophistication to your rave attire.

rave hairstyles for short hair French Braided Bangs
by Pinterest

16. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an excellent choice for a culturally rich and fashionable rave look.

rave hairstyles for short hair Bantu Knots
by Pinterest

17. Spiky Punk Look

Embrace a spiky ‘do to channel the punk side of the rave subculture with an audacious twist.

rave hairstyles for short hair Spiky Punk Look
by Pinterest

18. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid makes a statement even on shorter hair, proving sophistication can be simple.

rave hairstyles for short hair Fishtail Braid
by Pinterest

19. Tousled Bedhead

Go for a carefree tousled bedhead style that suggests an effortless cool.

rave hairstyles for short hair Tousled Bedhead
by Pinterest

20. Beaded Braids

Adorn your braids with beads for that extra twinkle as you groove to your favorite beats.

rave hairstyles for short hair Beaded Braids
by Pinterest

21. Asymmetrical Cut

The asymmetrical cut is both avant-garde and eye-catching, perfect for standing out from the crowd.

rave hairstyles for short hair Asymmetrical Cut
by Pinterest

22. Accessorized Ponytail

Elevate a simple ponytail with accessories like rings, wraps, or even a pop of bright hair spray color.

rave hairstyles for short hair Accessorized Ponytail
by Pinterest

23. Retro Finger Waves

Incorporate some retro finger waves for a touch of Gatsby glamour at the rave.

rave hairstyles for short hair Retro Finger Waves
by Pinterest

24. Headscarf Wrap

headscarf wrap serves as both a practical and trendy choice, keeping hair in place and adding color.

rave hairstyles for short hair Headscarf Wrap
by Pinterest

25. Braided Mohawk

Combine braids and mohawk for an unconventional updo that’s bold and unrivaled.

rave hairstyles for short hair Braided Mohawk
by Pinterest

26. Spiral Curls

Enhance your natural curls or create spiral curls for volume and a playful twist.

rave hairstyles for short hair Spiral Curls
by Pinterest

27. Half-Up Space Buns

Get the best of both worlds with half-up space buns, leaving the rest of your hair down to dance around.

rave hairstyles for short hair Half-Up Space Buns
by Pinterest

28. Choppy Layers

Embrace choppy layers for added texture and a modern, messy look that’s all the rage.

rave hairstyles for short hair Choppy Layers
by Pinterest

29. Braided Headband

Create a braided headband with your hair for an elegant and enchanting rave hairstyle.

rave hairstyles for short hair Braided Headband
by Pinterest

30. Crimped Hair

Old-school crimped hair makes a comeback, offering a funky vibe that pairs well with the electric energy of the night.

rave hairstyles for short hair Crimped Hair
by Pinterest

Post-Rave Hair Care Tips

After a night of showing off our rave hairstyles for short hair, it’s crucial to give our tresses some much-needed TLC. Let’s lool at the best ways to repair and rejuvenate our locks.

Damage Repair

The first step in post-rave care is addressing any damage. Our hair may have been exposed to heat styling and tight hairdos, so deep conditioning is a must. Here’s a quick way to support hair recovery:

  1. Apply a repairing hair mask generously to damp hair.
  2. Wrap hair in a warm towel for enhanced penetration.
  3. Leave on for the recommended time before rinsing.

For those with color-treated hair, using products specifically designed for color maintenance can help preserve the vibrancy and health of the dye.

Cleansing Routines

Next, a proper cleansing routine helps remove product buildup and toxins. Here’s a straightforward cleansing routine tailored for our short hairstyles:

  • Begin with a gentle, clarifying shampoo to detoxify the scalp and hair.
  • Lather well and massage into the scalp to promote circulation.
  • Follow up with a sulfate-free conditioner to avoid stripping away natural oils.

For extra care, a scalp treatment once a week can maintain scalp health and support hair growth. This ensures our short hair continues to look its best, both at and away from the rave scene.

Our Opinion On Rave Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles for short hair can truly transform your look for any music concert or rave party. We understand the challenge of finding the right style that is both edgy and practical, yet with short hair, you have a plethora of chic and funky options.

It’s essential to keep your hair comfortable and secure because the last thing you want is to be fixing your hair when you should be enjoying the music. Our take is simple; rave hairstyles for short hair truly embody the spirit of fun and freedom that comes with every rave. Express yourself with colors and accessories that resonate with your personality, and most importantly, choose a style that lets you enjoy the rave to the fullest!

How do you look good at a rave?

Rave style for short hair is about showcasing personality and ease. Vibrant hues, funky accessories, and durable, inventive styling are key. Think glitter roots or temporary hair tattoos for a standout look that lasts through dancing all night—a fusion of flair and practicality for the ultimate rave vibe.

How do I style my hair for a rave?

1. Add Texture: Use products to create waves or spikes for an edgier feel.
2. Use Accessories: Think of headbands, neon clips, or even LED hair pins for a glowing effect.
3. Temporary Color: Sprays can add streaks or tips of vibrant hues that wash out easily.

Does short hair suit every girl?

Short hair is versatile for everyone! It’s about the right cut for our face and style. From sleek bobs to edgy pixies, the rave scene welcomes diverse looks. Embracing uniqueness and trying various styles helps discover a rave-ready hairstyle that’s both stylish and empowering

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