Split Dye Hair Ideas: 35 Bold Color Combinations to Try 2024

Unlock your inner trendsetter with our split dye hair ideas! This playful trend has taken the beauty world by storm, offering a unique way to express individuality. Whether you’re drawn to bold contrasts or subtle blends, split dye hair ideas cater to all styles and preferences. Imagine the freedom of rocking two distinct colors, each making a statement on its own while harmonizing to create a head-turning look. With endless possibilities, split dye hair opens the door to a world of creative expression and personal style like never before.

Creative Split Dye Hair Ideas – Our Best Picks

Below you will find a list of our best split dye hair ideas!

1. Pink & Purple

Mix the sweetness of pink with the depth of purple for a look that’s playful yet mysterious.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Purple
by Pinterest

2. Purple & Green

Channel majestic royalty by pairing purple with a hint of nature-inspired green.

split dye hair ideas Purple & Green
by Pinterest

3. Black & Platinum Blonde

Go bold with a classic contrast of black and platinum blonde for a timeless split dye design.

split dye hair ideas Black & Platinum Blonde
by Pinterest

4. Light Green & Dark Green

Play with shades by opting for a soft light green that transitions into a deeper dark green.

split dye hair ideas Light Green & Dark Green
by Pinterest

5. Black & Rainbow

Embrace a spectrum of color with one side black, and the other a prism of rainbow hues.

split dye hair ideas Black & Rainbow
by Pinterest

6. Copper & Black

Copper gives warmth to the starkness of black, making for a cozy yet edgy split.

split dye hair ideas Copper & Black
by Pinterest

7. Black & Orange

Invoke the spirit of Halloween year-round with a spirited combo of black and orange.

split dye hair ideas Black & Orange
by Pinterest

8. Pink & Green

Create a split of complementary contrasts with the freshness of green against a pop of pink.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Green
by Pinterest

9. Pink & Light Pink

For those who favor the subtler side of a split, a pink and light pink duo offers a gentle variation.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Light Pink
by Pinterest

10. Pink & Purple Pastel

A dreamy pastel variant, pink and purple in lighter shades brings a fantastical softness.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Purple Pastell
by Pinterest

11. Orange & Blonde

Merge a sunny orange with a serene blonde for a split reminiscent of summer sunsets.

split dye hair ideas Orange & Blonde
by Pinterest

12. Red & Orange

Ignite a fiery look with the hot combination of red and orange.

split dye hair ideas Red & Orange
by Pinterest

13. Turquoise & Blue

Dive into oceanic vibes with the serene coupling of turquoise and blue.

split dye hair ideas Turquoise & Blue
by Pinterest

14. Purple & Turquoise

Fashion a striking contrast with the royal purple and the tranquil turquoise.

split dye hair ideas Purple & Turquoise
by Pinterest

15. Green & Blue

Mimic the earth’s natural palette with a harmonious split of green and blue.

split dye hair ideas Green & Blue
by Pinterest

16. Black & Pastel Rainbow

Black provides a canvas for the subtle, whimsical touch of pastel rainbow shades.

split dye hair ideas Black & Pastell Rainbow
by Pinterest

17. Blue & Grey

Bring an air of sophistication with cool blue meeting the muted tones of grey.

split dye hair ideas Blue & Grey
by Pinterest

18. Black & Green

Opt for an enchanting forest look by combining dark black with vibrant green.

split dye hair ideas Black & Green
by Pinterest

19. Pink & Blue

Conjure a playful aesthetic with the sweet mix of pink and baby blue.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Blue
by Pinterest

20. Red & Greyish Blue

A bold red beside a calming greyish blue delivers an appealing contrast.

split dye hair ideas Red & Greyish Blue
by Pinterest

21. Rose & Turquoise

Rose hues blend perfectly with soft turquoise for a split awash in serenity.

split dye hair ideas Rose & Turquoise
by Pinterest

22. Red & Silver

Go high-impact with a luscious red complemented by sleek silver.

split dye hair ideas Red & Silver
by Pinterest

23. Red & Yellow

Stand out with the primary brilliance of red paired with an energetic yellow.

split dye hair ideas Red & Yellow
by Pinterest

24. Black & Purple

A hint of mystery arrives with the coupling of deep black and royal purple.

split dye hair ideas Black & Purple
by Pinterest

25. Neon Green & Black

For those craving intense drama, neon green against solid black will not disappoint.

split dye hair ideas Neon Green & Black
by Pinterest

26. Silver & Gold

Embrace luxe appeal by combining the metallic sheen of silver and gold.

split dye hair ideas Silver & Gold
by Pinterest

27. Silver & Copper

A hint of industrial meets organic as muted silver joins the warmth of copper.

split dye hair ideas Silver & Cupper
by Pinterest

28. Orange & Pink

Express a zest for life with the citrusy burst of orange beside vibrant pink.

split dye hair ideas Orange & Pink
by Pinterest

29. White & Brown

Channel natural colors with the purity of white meet the earthiness of brown.

split dye hair ideas White & Brown
by Pinterest

30. Black & Pink

For an edgy yet sweet style, contrast black with a punch of pink.

split dye hair ideas Black & Pink
by Pinterest

31. Black & Yellow

Capture attention with the starkness of black softened by a cheerful splash of yellow.

split dye hair ideas Black & Yellow
by Pinterest

32. Green & Turquoise

Reflect the hues of nature with a soothing combo of green and cool turquoise.

split dye hair ideas Green & Turquoise
by Pinterest

33. Pink & Yellow

Pink and yellow bring a playful candor to your split dye hairstyle with their sunny disposition.

split dye hair ideas Pink & Yellow
by Pinterest

34. Orange & Purple

Experiment with a warm orange and a cool purple for a split full of personality.

split dye hair ideas Orange & Purple
by Pinterest

35. Magenta & Silver

The vibrancy of magenta cuts through alongside sleek, modern silver.

split dye hair ideas Magenta & Silver
by Pinterest

Getting Started with Split Dye

Exploring split dye hair ideas is a creative journey that allows you to express your dualities. With two contrasting colors, you can make a bold statement and transform your look dramatically.

Choosing the Right Colors

Choosing complementary shades that align with your skin undertones ensures that your split dye hair truly pops. With cool skin tones, combining a deep black with stark platinum or rich blue can be striking. If you’re warm-toned, consider a vivid red paired with a golden blonde. Always think about contrast and harmony when selecting your colors.

  • Cool Undertones: Black + Platinum, Black + Blue
  • Warm Undertones: Red + Blonde

Preparing Your Hair for Dyeing

Preparation is key to achieving professional-looking DIY split dye. If you’re aiming for a vibrant color, lightening your roots with bleach might be necessary, especially for darker hair. Before bleaching, using a quality conditioner can help protect your hair. Remember to section your hair precisely down the middle to ensure a clean split dye effect.

  1. Condition: Apply a good conditioner to prepare your hair.
  2. Bleach: Lighten your roots if needed to help the dye stand out.
  3. Section: Use a rat-tail comb for a sharp middle part.

Step-by-Step Split Dye Tutorial

Let’s dive into the steps for creating this two-toned wonder right at home, with precision and flair.

Sectioning Your Hair for Split Dye

Firstly, drape some old towels over your shoulders to protect your clothing. Use a pintail comb ($5.49) to meticulously split the hair down the middle, creating two equal sections. Clip one side to keep it out of the way while working on the other.

Applying the Dye

Donning gloves, methodically apply the dye to one section of your hair, starting from the roots and making sure each strand is saturated for that intense color. Repeat this process on the opposite side with the second dye if desired, changing gloves to prevent color bleeding.

Rinsing and Aftercare

After the dye has set for the time specified by the brand, it’s time to rinse it out. Start with cold water, as it helps prevent color bleeding and seals in the vibrant shades. Gently shampoo your hair and consider using a toner to enhance the color’s longevity. Always finish with a conditioner, swirling it through your hair with as much love as when you applied the dye. Opt for cold or lukewarm water for the final rinse to maintain the richness of your split dye hair.

Our Recommendation For Maintaining Your Split Dyed Hair

We know you’re rocking those split-dyed hair, and we want to make sure they stay as fresh as the day you walked out of the salon. Maintenance is all about the right techniques and products!

Washing and Conditioning

Wait at least 48 hours after dyeing before washing, to allow the color to set. Here’s the routine you should follow:

  1. Use cold or lukewarm water: Hot water can open the hair’s cuticles, causing the color to fade faster.
  2. Gentle shampoos: Opt for sulfate-free shampoos to cleanse without stripping away color.
  3. Moisturizing conditioner: A high-quality conditioner is essential for keeping hair hydrated and preserving vibrant color.

Remark: Using salon-recommended products can make a notable difference in maintaining your hair’s condition.

Avoiding Color Fade

To retain the dynamic look of your split dye hair ideas, you must defend against elements that contribute to color fade.

  • Minimize heat styling: If you must style with heat, always use a heat protectant ($5.49).
  • Protect from the sun: When outdoors, wear hats or use hair products with UV protection ($13.78) to prevent sun-induced fading.
  • Touch-ups: Schedule regular sessions with your colorist to keep the split dye looking pristine.

By following these steps, we assure you that your split dye hair ideas will have a longer-lasting impact!

FAQ – Split Dye Hair Ideas

What split dye colors look good together?

High Contrast: Black combined with platinum or silver, or dark purple matched with a vivid red.
Complementary: For a vibrant effect, pink and green or orange and teal are eye-catching pairs.
Subtle: Two-tone shades like a beige blonde with light brown for a softer look.

Can I split dye my own hair?

Yes, with some care. You’ll need:
– A rat-tail comb for a precise part.
– Hair-lightening products if aiming for vivid colors.
– Clips or hair ties to secure sections.
Patience and meticulousness to evenly saturate each section with dye.

Is split dye hair popular?

Absolutely! It’s become a favorite among those who love a personalized look. From everyday street style to Halloween costumes, split dye is a versatile choice that adds flair to any outfit.

How long does split hair dye last?

The longevity can vary depending on:
– The brand of dye (quality dyes like Arctic Fox and Manic Panic may last longer).
– Hair care routine (using color-safe shampoos and avoiding excessive heat styling).
– The original hair color and texture. Generally, split hair dye can last from four to six weeks before it begins to fade.

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