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Men’s waves hairstyles merge fashion and texture, adding personality and dynamism to all facial structures. Whether it’s a short, textured cut or a more relaxed, longer look, wavy locks present a range of flexible styling choices that express individual taste. Explore how choosing the perfect hairstyle can make managing your waves a breeze, offering an effortlessly stylish aura. Find guidance on care practices, products, and methods designed to refine your waves, minimize frizz, and keep your hair in top condition. Unlock the possibilities of your hairdo by customizing your regimen to bring out the best in your natural waves.

Embracing the wavy texture of your hair opens up a myriad of styling possibilities that not only enhance your features but also reflect your personal style.

Understanding Waves Hairstyle Men

When we explore waves hairstyle men, we’re diving into a versatile world where different hair types can dramatically affect the overall look. Understanding your hair’s specific wave type and texture plays a significant role in achieving the best styles.

Types of Wavy Hair

Wavy hair on men falls mainly into three categories:

  1. Type 2A – Fine, thin waves that tend to fall close to the head.
  2. Type 2B – Medium waves that have a more defined S-shape and start to show more body.
  3. Type 2C – Coarse, thick waves that can start to resemble curls.

Each type has its own uniqueness and requires different styling approaches.

waves hairstyle men hair types
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Identifying Your Hair Type

To identify your wave type, observe how your hair behaves after a wash, without any product:

  • Type 2A hair will have a slight bend, and you’ll notice it gets oily quicker.
  • Type 2B waves are more pronounced, and the hair won’t lie as flat.
  • Type 2C hair will have a definite wave pattern that can start to loop.

Knowing your type helps us choose suitable products and styling techniques.

The Impact of Hair Texture

The texture of your hair, whether it’s finemedium, or coarse, affects how it holds a style.

  • Fine wavy hair may struggle with volume and might require lighter styling products.
  • Medium-textured waves often offer the most versatility, giving you more options to play with different styles.
  • Thick wavy hair—sometimes bordering on curly—holds styles well but may be more challenging to manage due to volume.

Identifying your hair’s texture is key for us to achieve the best waves hairstyle men can wear with confidence.

Fundamental Haircuts for Wavy Hair

We’re about to explore some timeless waves hairstyle men perfect for different lengths. Whether you prefer a neat, short trim or a more free-flowing style, there’s a wavy haircut that will flatter your unique texture and personal taste.

Classic Short Wavy Haircuts

Short wavy haircuts stand the test of time for their ease and classic look. A crew cut is a foolproof option that garners a tidy yet stylish aesthetic. It’s perfect for those who need a low-maintenance style that can transition from the office to the weekend. Visit a skilled barber who understands how to work with the natural waves to get the most flattering version of these cuts.

waves hairstyle men crew cut
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Stylish Medium Length Haircuts

Those of us with mid-length wavy hair know it’s the sweet spot for versatility. Medium length styles allow your waves to show off their natural body and texture. Consider a style that’s long on top with shorter sides to frame your face without overwhelming it. Styling cream can help define the waves and keep them looking intentional rather than unkempt.

waves hairstyle men mid-length wavy hair
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Long Hairstyles for Men with Waves

For those with patience and the desire for a bolder statement, there’s nothing quite like long hair enhanced by natural waves. If you’re aiming for shoulder length or longer, the man bun remains a popular and practical choice. It keeps hair out of your face while showing off the hair’s length and texture during down-time. Long wavy hairstyles may require more upkeep, but the result is a look that’s both striking and masculine.

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Popular Wavy Hairstyles and How to Style Them

For waves hairstyle men, we’re looking at options that add volume and movement while keeping a natural look. Here are some of the top picks and how you can achieve them.

The Wavy Quiff

The wavy quiff is a timeless style that brings attention to your face with its raised, voluminous front. To perfect this look, we recommend applying a small amount of pomade or wax to damp hair. Use a hair dryer while lifting the hair with a round brush to create the volume required.

waves hairstyle men Wavy Quiff
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Versatile Pompadour Styles

The pompadour is a classic style that’s versatile enough for wavy hair, adding texture and depth. For a more pronounced pomp, work some volume-boosting mousse into your damp hair. Then, blow dry your hair back and up from the forehead and secure it with a touch of hairspray to hold it in place.

waves hairstyle men Pompadour
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Casual and Carefree Surfer Hair

For those who prefer a more laid-back vibe, surfer hair embodies the ultimate casual look. Achieving this requires minimal effort – spray some sea salt spray onto damp hair to enhance the natural waves and let it air dry. This allows for texture and flow, giving you that beachy, effortless finish.

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Textured and Layered Looks

Textured and layered looks are king for achieving waves hairstyle for men. We’ll explore how the right cut can bring out your hair’s natural personality.

Wavy Shag and Mullet Variations

The wavy shag has made a comeback, offering a laid-back vibe that’s surprisingly versatile. For men with wavy hair, it provides ample volume while also allowing for natural curls to flourish with strategic layers. Meanwhile, the resurgence of the mullet haircut brings a modern edge to the style. The mullet variation for wavy hair focuses on pronounced layers, with longer lengths at the back that seamlessly transition into shorter layers up front.

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waves hairstyle men mullet
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Tapered Sides and Textured Crops

Now, if we’re talking about combining definition with ease of style, look no further than tapered sides with a textured crop on top. This cut is designed to spotlight the richness of your waves. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Taper Fade: Gradually shortens the hair from the top down to the sides and back, providing a sleek silhouette.
  • Bald Fade: Takes the taper one step further, cutting the sides down to the skin for a sharp contrast.
  • Texture: A choppy, textured crop up top adds complexity and plays up the natural quirks of your wavy hair.
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Contemporary Undercut and Fade Haircuts

In embracing waves hairstyle men, we often combine undercut and fade cuts to add sharpness and structure to our looks. These styles are versatile and can be tailored to suit different hair textures and personal tastes.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut is where the hair on top is left long and unblended, creating a stark contrast with the ultrashort sides. This style is particularly suited for those of us who have thick wavy hair and are looking for a modern, edgy look. It requires straightforward styling—usually just some pomade to give the top section a textured but sleek appearance. Keeping the top wavy brings out the texture, while the clean sides accentuate the waves. For maintenance, a trim every few weeks is necessary to keep the undercut sharp.

waves hairstyle men Disconnected Undercut
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Variations of the Fade

Fade haircut options are nearly limitless, ranging from subtle to dramatic, depending on what we choose. We have:

  • Low Fade: Begins just above the ear and blends into the neckline. It’s subtle and suitable for a conservative look.
  • Mid Fade: Starts at the level of the temples, offering a balanced look that’s not too bold, not too discreet.
  • High Fade: Carved high up on the head for a bold, high-contrast style.
  • Drop Fade: Curves around the ear and down to the neckline, creating an arc effect.
  • Skin Fade: Blends into the skin for a very clean finish, also known as a bald fade.
  • Temple Fade: Targets the temples for a distinct sharp accent—perfect for highlighting waves in our hair.

Fade Haircut can also include a Temple Fade or a Bald Fade, which both lend themselves well to creating a unique look that accentuates our hair texture. And let’s not forget the Undercut Taper, which combines an undercut with a fade—gradually decreasing hair length for a softer transition. Undercuts with a fade are not only fashionable but provide a fresh, confident statement. Whether our hair is coarse or fine, these styles will work to emphasize the natural flow of our waves.

Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

When we’re exploring the best waves hairstyle men, it’s crucial to consider the face shape as it heavily influences which cut will look best. Our goal is to find the perfect balance between the hair’s natural wavy texture and the face’s contours.

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Picking Styles for Square and Round Faces

Square Faces: Our friends with square faces are blessed with strong, angular jawlines. A softer waves hairstyle can provide an excellent contrast. Opt for a style that introduces some volume at the top to elongate the face, like a textured pompadour or a layered cut that can play nicely with a side part. Keeping the sides shorter can further enhance the face’s natural angles.

Round Faces: Those of us with round faces should aim for styles that create angles and structure. Edgy cuts like an asymmetrical fringe or styles that build height on top can sharpen the face. A middle part with volume can give the illusion of a more elongated face, while an angular quiff plays up the wavy texture to offer an assertive yet friendly vibe.

Best Hairstyles for Oval and Rectangular Faces

Oval Faces: An oval face is a versatile. Most styles work well, but particularly a classic side part with waves swept to one side to capitalize on the natural curvature of the face. This contemporary look brings attention to the symmetry of an oval face without adding excess width or length.

Rectangular Faces: For those with a rectangular face, the aim is to avoid elongating the face further. A style with waves that add width can be really flattering. Consider a haircut with softer edges and some layers to break up the length. A casual, tousled look or a pushed-back style can create a friendly, inviting appearance that doesn’t compete with the face’s natural length.

Grooming Techniques and Styling Products

Crafting the perfect waves hairstyle men can be a breeze with the right grooming techniques and products. Let’s see how you can achieve that ideal look with ease.

Using the Right Hair Products

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Selecting the proper hair products is crucial for managing our wavy locks. To enhance and define waves, pomades and waxes work wonders, giving a moderate to strong hold without stiffening hair. For a more natural feel and additional moisture, creams provide light hold and help us manage frizz. When it comes to creating volume and texture, salt sprays are remarkable, especially when applied to damp hair before styling. On the other hand, if we require a firmer hold to withstand various conditions, hairsprays can be used as a finishing touch to secure the style in place.

  • For Defining Waves:
    • Pomade
    • Wax
  • For Natural Hold:
    • Cream
  • For Texture & Volume:
    • Salt Spray
  • For Final Hold:
    • Hairspray

Blow-Drying for Volume and Movement

Blow-drying not only expedites drying but also adds vital volume and movement to your waves. Starting with damp hair, you can apply a heat protectant to shield your strands from damage. Then, by using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, you can gently dry our hair while enhancing your natural waves, resulting in a boost of volume. For added lift at the roots, you can flip your head upside down during the drying process, which encourages your waves to stand out more prominently.

  • Steps for Blow-Drying Wavy Hair:
    1. Apply heat protectant.
    2. Attach diffuser to blow dryer.
    3. Dry hair with a focus on movement and volume.

Maintaining and Caring for Wavy Hair

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Waves hairstyle men provide a carefree appearance but maintaining that effortless look requires some know-how. Here are some key steps to ensure your wavy haircut stays sharp and stylish.

Routine Hair Care Tips

Daily Maintenance:

  • Gentle cleansing preserves natural oils: Wash hair every third day to prevent dryness.
  • Condition regularly: Hydration is key to keeping waves defined.


  • Avoid heat damage: When drying, use cool air or air-dry.
  • Product selection: Opt for moisturizing products to control frizz and maintain wave definition.

Trimming and Keeping Up with Hair Growth

  • Frequency: Trim your wavy hair every 4-5 weeks to avoid split ends.
  • Versatility: With regular trims, you can experiment with different lengths and styles, keeping your look versatile.

FAQ – Waves Hairstyle Men

How do I get waves in my hair?

To achieve waves, brush your hair in the direction of the desired wave pattern, use a durag to set the waves, and maintain them by brushing and moisturizing regularly.

How long does it take to get waves?

The time it takes to get waves varies for each individual, but typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months of consistent brushing and maintenance.

How do I maintain my waves?

To maintain waves, brush your hair regularly, use a durag or wave cap while sleeping, and apply moisturizing products to keep the hair healthy and the waves defined.

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