90s French Roll Hairstyle: Unleash Your Vintage Glam In 2024

Whenever we reflect on the emblematic hairstyles of the 1990s, the French roll immediately comes to the forefront. It transcended mere hair styling to become a mark of elegance and a crucial element of that era’s fashion ethos. This classic updo epitomized the sophistication of the 90s, enchanting both celebrities and regular women with its stylish allure.

We often associate the 90s French roll hairstyle with grand events and red carpets, but its versatility also makes it perfect for jazzing up a casual look. The hairstyle was adapted in numerous ways, often infused with personal touches that made each roll unique.

History of the French Roll Hairstyle

The French roll hairstyle has its roots deeply embedded in the rich history of French fashion and culture. Originating in the late 18th century, during the reign of Marie Antoinette, the French roll gained popularity as a favored hairstyle among the aristocracy. Initially known as the “Gibson roll,” it evolved into the sleek and sophisticated look we recognize today during the early 20th century. Throughout the years, the French roll has remained a timeless choice for formal events and special occasions, symbolizing grace, refinement, and timeless beauty. Its versatility has allowed it to endure changing trends and remain a classic hairstyle that continues to captivate and inspire.

Evolution into Modern Chic

As we ventured into the 21st century, the french roll evolved. No longer just a vintage hairstyle, it’s been reinvented, maintaining its foundational elegance while taking on a modern twist. It’s not just for black-tie affairs any more; we can spot the french roll at casual brunches or chic office meetings. It’s proof that true style is timeless, and a well-executed french roll can still turn heads and keep us looking chic.

Step-by-Step Guide For The 90s French Roll Hairstyle

  1. Begin with Texture: Whether your hair is straight or has natural curls, ensure it has enough texture. This can be achieved with a bit of mousse or texturizing spray ($25.00).
  2. Form the Ponytail: Gather your hair in a low ponytail at the nape. Don’t secure it with an elastic just yet; instead, hold it firmly with your hand.
  3. Rolling In: Tilt the ponytail to one side and start rolling it inwards, towards the center of your head. If you have natural curls, they will add a beautiful volume to the roll.
  4. Shape the Roll: As you roll, ensure that the shape is maintained from the nape to the crown of your head. It should be snug against your scalp.
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Securing with Bobby Pins

  • Pin as You Go: Once you’ve rolled your hair to the opposite side, begin securing the roll with bobby pins ($5.99). Insert them discreetly so they’re not visible.
  • Final Touches: After the roll is formed, use additional bobby pins around the roll to secure any loose strands or to define the shape further.

Accessorizing Your French Roll

When we reminisce about the quintessential 90s french roll hairstyle, we not only think about the elegance it exudes but also the accessories that can enhance this classic look to make it uniquely yours.

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Elegant Hair Accessories

The right hair accessories play a pivotal role in taking your french roll from everyday chic to occasion-ready sophistication. Opting for pearl pins or sparkling combs can instantly elevate the style. These items don’t just add a touch of extravagance—they secure the roll in place effectively. For a 90s-inspired twist, you can’t forget about the butterfly clips ($3.99). Not only were they a staple of the era, but when intertwined within your french roll, they add a playful nod to the decade.

Incorporating Braids and Curls

Now, let’s talk about texture. Weaving braids into your french roll is a fantastic way to add depth to the hairstyle. A small braid wrapped around the base of the roll or incorporated into the roll itself lends an additional element of interest and a modern twist. As for curls, strategically placing a few soft curls to frame the face softens the look and introduces a romantic vibe. Don’t shy away from experimenting with headwraps either; they can lend a bold statement and a pop of color when wrapped around the base of the roll.

Adapting the Look for Different Hair Textures

It’s essential to acknowledge the unique beauty of different hair textures when adapting the 90s french roll. For those with micro braids, for instance, incorporating them into a french roll can add texture and interest. And let’s not forget how wispy bangs can soften the silhouette and give it a more laid-back yet sophisticated vibe. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or intricately braided, the french roll is a canvas for your personal inspiration.

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Maintaining and Reviving the Style

To keep your updo impeccable and the aesthetic enduring, we’ve got some trusted tricks up your sleeve.

Using Dry Shampoo

Let’s talk tactics with dry shampoo: the secret weapon for refreshment without water. Spritzing a bit at the roots not only absorbs excess oil but also provides the desired texture. For your 90s French roll hairstyle, it revives the volume and grip needed for hair that keeps its poise all day long.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hold

What’s the point of perfecting that hair swirl if it doesn’t stay put? To ensure your French roll remains flawless, we rely on a strong-hold hairspray. Here’s the scoop: after twirling and pinning your locks, a generous misting from about six inches away will freeze your style in place. Remember the aim is a lasting hold, so let’s keep your movements light for a hold that won’t weigh our tresses down.

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FAQ – 90s French Roll Hairstyle

What year did the French roll hairstyle come out?

The French roll has roots that trace back far beyond the 90s, but it was the decade’s twist on this classic look that gave it a memorable edge. Embraced heavily in the 90s, the style continued from the adaptations made in previous eras, like the relaxed versions in the Roaring Twenties.

How to do a French roll in hair?

To achieve this retro look, you’ll need bobby pins and a brush. Start by brushing your hair to one side, rolling it towards the other hand, and then pinning it securely in place. The French roll adapted to be more casual in the 90s, so don’t worry if it’s not perfectly neat.

What is the difference between a French roll and a French twist?

While often used interchangeably, they differ slightly. A french twist is typically a smoother, more polished look, where hair is twisted vertically up the back of the head. A french roll, especially in the 90s, suggests a broader, more relaxed roll of hair and may not be as tight or sleek as the more traditional twist.

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