Baddie Hairstyles for Long Hair – 20 Inspiring Looks 2024

Unleash your inner confidence with these on-trend baddie hairstyles for long hair. These bold styles are taking over the fashion world, providing both versatility and stylish flair. Whether it’s polished ponytails or sumptuous waves, effortlessly attract attention.

Express your bold personality and feel invincible with these statement hairstyles. With a variety of options to choose from, you can effortlessly infuse your long locks with the fierce and fearless essence of the baddie aesthetic

Popular Baddie Hairstyles For Long Hair

When it comes to long locks, the baddie look is on fire. Baddie hairstyles for long hair can truly transform your look and give you that edgy vibe you’re yearning for. Here are the must-try styles that are ruling the trend charts.

1. Sleek High Ponytail with Hair Wrap

The sleek high ponytail with a hair wrap is a staple baddie look. It pulls the hair away from the face, accentuating your features, and the wrap adds a refined touch.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Sleek High Ponytail with Hair Wrap
by Pinterest

2. High Bun With Braided Bangs

A high bun paired with braided bangs offers a chic twist on the basic bun, adding texture and intricacy to your baddie hairstyle.

baddie hairstyles for long hair High Bun With Braided Bangs
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3. Messy Top Knot with Wispy Bangs

Nothing says effortless cool like a messy top knot. Wispy bangs frame the face, balancing the messy and groomed elements perfectly.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Messy Top Knot with Wispy Bangs
by Pinterest

4. Long Loose Waves with Deep Side Part

For a softer baddie vibe, try long loose waves parted deeply to the side. This look combines volume with a hint of mystery.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Long Loose Waves with Deep Side Part
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5. High Ponytail With Braided Bangs

Level up your pony game with a high ponytail flanked by braided bangs, blending sleekness with braided details.

baddie hairstyles for long hair High Ponytail With Braided Bangs
by Pinterest

6. Bubble Pigtail With Bangs

Bubble pigtails are playful and bold. Add bangs to this baddie hairstyle to frame your face beautifully.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Bubble Pigtail With Bangs
by Pinterest

7. Braided Crown with Loose Curls

The braided crown exudes elegance, while loose curls cascading down your back inject a dose of romance into your baddie look.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Braided Crown with Loose Curls
by Pinterest

8. Sleek Low Bun with Middle Part

For a more subdued yet fierce baddie hairstyle, the sleek low bun with a sharp middle part exudes sophistication.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Sleek Low Bun with Middle Part
by Pinterest

9. Zigzag Part with Space Buns

Embrace fun with a zigzag part leading to adorable space buns – a baddie hairstyle with a twist.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Zigzag Part with Space Buns
by Pinterest

10. Double Dutch Braid Ponytail

Merge the classic ponytail baddie hairstyle with double Dutch braids for a look that’s both sporty and stylish.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Double Dutch Braid Ponytail
by Pinterest

11. Sleek Straight Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Sleek, straight hair combined with face-framing layers gives off a powerful, no-nonsense baddie vibe.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Sleek Straight Hair with Face-Framing Layers
by Pinterest

12. Fishtail Braid

The intricate fishtail braid strikes the perfect balance between tough-girl baddie and gracefully chic.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Fishtail Braid
by Pinterest

13. Side-Swept Long Waves

Channel baddie allure with side-swept long waves that flow like liquid with every move you make.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Side-Swept Long Waves
by Pinterest

14. Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail not only stands out but also adds a playful edge to your baddie ensemble.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Bubble Ponytail
by Pinterest

15. Long Inverted Bob

Although shorter, a long inverted bob can still be classified as a baddie hairstyle for long hair when styled with attitude.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Long Inverted Bob
by Pinterest

16. Straight Long Hair

Nothing beats the classic appeal of pin-straight long hair – simple, yet dramatically baddie.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Straight Long Hair
by Pinterest

17. Voluminous Long Waves

Boost your baddie factor with voluminous long waves that offer body, bounce, and boldness.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Voluminous Long Waves
by Pinterest

18. Box Braids

Channel the inner baddie with box braids, a versatile look that speaks to both tradition and trendiness.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Box Braids
by Pinterest

19. Silver Ombre

A silver ombre finish can elevate your long mane into the realm of futuristic baddie stardom.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Silver Ombre
by Pinterest

20. Tousled Pink Hair

Dive into color with tousled pink hair that breaks all the rules and sets you apart as a true baddie.

baddie hairstyles for long hair Tousled Pink Hair
by Pinterest

Iconic Baddie Hairstyle Inspirations

When we see baddie hairstyles for long hair, it’s not just about the style; it’s the attitude that comes with it. These looks are the epitome of confidence and glamour, often seen on celebrities and influencers who know how to make a statement.

Celebrity Influence

Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande are quintessential examples of how celebrities can set the bar for baddie hairstyles. Kylie’s ever-changing hair game, from sleek, long tresses to vibrant blunt bobs, constantly keeps us on our toes. Ariana’s signature ponytail is high, snug, and often accompanied by a sassy flip at the end—which screams baddie in the chicest way possible. These trendsetters show that with the right hairstyle, you can channel your inner baddie and exude the utmost confidence on any occasion.

Instagram Trends

Instagram is a treasure trove for spotting the latest baddie hairstyles for long hair. Scrolling through our feed, we see a parade of glamorous styles, from Nicki Minaj’s iconic long braided ponytails to laid edges that frame the face perfectly. It’s all about the details; whether it’s incorporating a high top-knot as seen in Brazilian Body Wave, or boxer braids that add an edge to any look. By observing these Instagram favorites, you get a wealth of inspiration to try out these eye-catching and bold hairstyles yourselves.

Essentials of Baddie Hairstyling

Long, flowing hair styled in trendy baddie hairstyles, such as sleek ponytails, braids, and voluminous curls

Our essentials guide is here to ensure your locks are not just styled to turn heads, but also healthily maintained. It’s all about making that power statement with hair that’s as fierce as your attitude.

Hair Care and Products

Before you whip out the styling tools, let’s talk nourishment. Long hair thrives on a regimented care routine, which means investing in top-notch hair care products is a must. Think hydrating shampoos and deep conditioners that keep those tresses glossy. For the baddies with extensions, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your natural hair is key. Treat both your hair and hair extensions with silk proteins or argan oil products to maintain that irresistible shine. And we can’t forget about edge control gel, a cornerstone product that smooths those baby hairs for a polished finish.

Styling Tools and Accessories

It’s time to edge up your game with the right tools and accessories. Long hair offers a playground for different baddie styles, so stocking up on a quality flat iron or curling wand is a good move. Let’s get creative with the details too; butterfly clips and snap clips are not just functional, they’re also retro-cool embellishments. Use them to section off hair or add a pop of ’90s nostalgia to your look.

  • Styling Tools: Robust flat iron ($44.60), versatile curling wand ($25.58)
  • Accessories: Butterfly clips and snap clips for detailed work

Achieving the Perfect Baddie Look

When you’re aiming for those baddie hairstyles for long hair, it’s all about the attitude and details. Whether you slay with a sleek high ponytail or opt for soft waves, the right color and styled edges are game-changers.

Hair Color and Highlights

To make your long locks pop, you can consider an ombre approach, which blends one color to another, creating a fierce, yet seamless transition. If you’re looking for something a bit more striking, bold highlights can accentuate our baddie character. Remember, choosing shades that complement your skin tone will ensure that our hair isn’t just styled – it’s turning heads.

  • Ideal OmbreLight to dark or vivid colors.
  • HighlightsChunky for a statement, fine for a subtler edge.

Styling Tips for Hair Edges

Your edges are the signature of a polished baddie look. Slaying these baby hairs requires a gentle hand and the right tools. For the ultimate laid edges, a toothbrush and some gel will do wonders. Working in small sections, you can use the toothbrush to sculpt swoops and swirls, creating that slick bun or any style with a well-groomed finish.

  • Toothbrush TechniqueSwoop and smooth edges with gel.
  • Slick Bun Finish: Complement with gelled edges for added sleekness.

Our Recommendation For Different Occasions

A collection of edgy long hairstyles, including braids, waves, and bold colors, arranged on a sleek black backdrop

Casual Chic

For those laid-back days where comfort meets style, a Long Braided Baddie Ponytail is your go-to. It’s effortlessly cool and works perfectly with a trendy sweatsuit for that subtle edge. To execute this look, pull your hair back into a high ponytail, braid it down to the ends, and secure it. This will give you a stylish yet casual vibe that’s just right for everyday outings.

Glamorous Events

When it’s time to dress to the nines, nothing says “glamour” like sleek and shiny Baddie Finger Waves. Paired with a tight dress, these waves make a bold statement. Begin by applying a strong-hold gel to damp hair and use a fine-tooth comb to shape the waves. Once they are set, a lightweight hairspray will ensure your style lasts all night. This hairstyle elevates your look, reflecting a polished and confident aura ideal for any high-profile event.

FAQ – Baddie Hairstyles For Long Hair

Which haircut is best for long hair?

The best haircut for long hair is one that maintains your hair’s health while showcasing its length. A layered cut adds movement and texture, making it both manageable and stylish. For a baddie twist, consider a Long Braided Baddie Ponytail or Sleek Laid Edges to channel a fierce vibe.

Which haircut gives volume to long hair?

If you’re aiming for volume, a layered cut with shorter layers at the top and longer layers towards the ends can create an illusion of fullness and bounce. Another voluminous option is a Blowout with large curls that add body and depth to your long locks.

What is a baddie hairstyle?

A baddie hairstyle refers to looks that are bold and exude a strong, confident aura. They often incorporate elements like sharp edgessleek lines, and eye-catching accessories. Long hair allows for versatile baddie styles such as Accent BraidsBoxer Braids, and High Ponytails with sharp edges that make a powerful statement.

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