Discover the Magic of Korean Bangs Hairstyle 2024

Korean bangs have become a global beauty trend, providing a new, vibrant look that matches a wide array of facial structures and hair types. They’re sported by celebrities, showcased across various social media platforms, and spotted on everyday people, showcasing their adaptability and wide-reaching charm. With a selection from delicate, feathery cuts to striking, defined looks, there is a Korean bang style to enhance every fashion sense and character.

We’re not just limited to a single type of bang; the beauty of Korean hairstyle bangs lies in their diverse range. From eye-grazing see-through bangs that add a touch of mystery to the playful charm of airy, piece-y fringes. Whether it’s the elegance of long, side-swept bangs or the edgy look of a blunt cut, there’s an option for every whim.

We’ve seen hairstyles come and go, but Korean bangs have proven to be more than just a fleeting trend. They’re a beauty staple in South Korea and beyond, framing faces with a soft silhouette and often paired with popular K-beauty products for a polished finish. Discovering the best Korean bangs to inspire your next look is an exciting journey through the world of hair aesthetics.

History of Korean Bangs Hairstyle

The fringes, commonly referred to as “bangs” in the U.S., have fluctuated in popularity but have been a consistent element of Korean style.

  • 1970s: The evolution of Korean bangs can be traced back to the 1970s, where the style began gaining prominence.
  • Modern Influence: K-pop stars and celebrities in recent years have helped popularize various types of Korean bangs.

Korean bang hairstyles have gone through a dynamic transformation, from the doll-like combination of wispy and curly bangs to sleek straight-across cuts that define the modern K-beauty trend. Here’s a snapshot of the popular types over time:

Today’s looks might include the trendy see-through bangs or a bolder statement with the puppy bangs combined with a hippie perm — an increasingly popular choice among girls, blending a playful vibe with the retro element. It’s fascinating how even with different trends, the Korean bangs hairstyle still maintains its charm, symbolizing both a connection to the past and a fashion-forward edge.

Popular Types of Korean Bangs

Korean bangs hairstyle comes in various forms, catering to different tastes and facial structures. We’ve curated a list of the most popular types that can inspire your next look.

See-Through Bangs

korean bangs hairstyle See-Through Bangs
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See-through bangs, often synonymous with the airy and delicately wispy fringe, offer a soft enhancement to your facial features without the heaviness of full bangs. These bangs work well for those of us aiming for a subtle change—they’re light, feathery, and have become a staple in Korean beauty trends. Discover a range of flattering see-through styles for each face shape.

Curtain Bangs

korean bangs hairstyle Curtain Bangs
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Curtain bangs are the versatile middle ground. Parted down the center and framing the face gracefully on each side, they can add a touch of retro flair while being fairly low maintenance. A bonus for us is their adaptability with various hair lengths and types. Classic and universally flattering, curtain bangs are often chosen for an effortlessly chic vibe.

Baby Bangs

korean bangs hairstyle Baby Bangs
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Daring and bold, baby bangs are the short and sweet variant in the Korean bangs family. Sitting high on the forehead, they create a statement for those of us looking to standout. While they may not be for everyone, baby bangs can be a fun and quirky twist to any hairstyle.

Side-Swept Bangs

korean bangs hairstyle Side-Swept Bangs
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Side-swept bangs are the go-to for a flexible style that works with most hair textures and face shapes. They’re the pinnacle of nonchalant chic, offering a look that’s both casual and polished. For those of us seeking an elegant yet easy-to-maintain style, side-swept bangs are a great option.

Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

korean bangs hairstyle face shapes
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When styling with a Korean bangs hairstyle, it is essential to consider the shape of your face. The right bangs can accentuate your features and bring balance to your overall look.

Oval Face Shape

For those of us with an oval face shape, we’re in luck because most bang styles complement our features. We can confidently wear cropped micro bangs, which fall just above the brow and add a touch of youthfulness.

Round Face Shape

If we have a round face, we aim to create some definition. Sideswept bangs are particularly flattering as they add angles and elongate our face, giving the illusion of a slimmer visage.

Square Face Shape

For us with square faces, the goal is to soften the angular jawline. Curtain bangs that part in the middle and flow effortlessly down the sides can provide a softening effect on our strong facial features.

Heart Face Shape

We with heart-shaped faces can balance the wider forehead by opting for bangs that are fuller at the sides. This creates a more harmonious transition from the brow to the jawline. Subtle, side-swept bangs can work wonders by drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Styling Tips for Korean Bangs

korean bangs hairstyle
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Achieving the perfect Korean bangs hairstyle can be a delightful change to your look, but it does come with its own maintenance routine. We’re here to guide you through straightening, volumizing, and the use of styling products to keep your bangs looking fresh and stylish.

Straightening and Curling

For the sleek and chic straight bangs, we recommend using a flat iron with a slim plate. This allows for more precise styling, especially for the delicate area of your bangs. Make sure your hair is completely dry to avoid damage. If you’re aiming for curled bangs, opt for a round brush and a blow dryer to gently curl the ends inward for that soft, bouncy look much loved in Korean styles.

  • Flat Iron Technique:
    • Ensure hair is dry.
    • Use a slim plate for precision.

Maintaining Volume

Volume is crucial for bangs to not fall flat, making them look lifeless. We often suggest backcombing very slightly at the roots and applying a lightweight volumizing spray. For Korean bangs that tend to be more airy, like see-through bangs, this step is essential to maintain that whimsical, effortless vibe.

  • To Keep Volume:
    • Slight backcombing at the roots.
    • Lightweight volumizing spray application.

Using Styling Products

Selecting the right products is key. We love to use a light hold hairspray to keep everything in place without that crunchy feel. For a natural look, remember, less is always more! To tame any frizz or flyaways, a small dab of anti-frizz serum can go a long way. Your goal should be to retain movement and touchability with your Korean bangs hairstyle.

  • Styling Must-Haves:
    • Light hold hairspray for a flexible finish.
    • Anti-frizz serum for a sleek look.

Maintenance and Upkeep

korean bangs hairstyle
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Maintaining that perfect fringe requires a bit of effort. Here are a few key tips to keep those bangs looking great between salon visits.

Daily Care:

  • Comb Them Out: Use a fine-tooth comb to detangle and style your bangs every morning.
  • Control Oil: Blot your forehead with oil-absorbing sheets throughout the day to prevent bangs from getting greasy.

Styling Tips:

  • Blow-Dry Technique: When blow-drying, use a round brush for volume and direct the nozzle from above to minimize frizz.
  • Product Selection: Utilize light styling products to avoid weighing down your bangs and maintain that signature bounce.
DailyComb and oil-control
WeeklyShampoo adjustment
MonthlyTrim for upkeep

Adjust Your Washing Routine:

  • Decrease the use of heavy conditioners on your bangs or eliminate them completely if your bangs tend to get oily quickly.


  • To keep the ideal length and shape, consider learning to trim your bangs at home or schedule a monthly appointment with your stylist.

Incorporating Bangs into Different Hairstyles

korean bangs hairstyle korean bangs with braids
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Korean bangs hairstyles are versatile enough to enhance any look, whether it’s with cascading locks or a cute bob. We’ll show you how to blend them into various styles to keep your look fresh and on-trend.

Long Hair

Long hair provides a beautiful canvas for see-through bangs, a staple in Korean hairstyles. These bangs are light and feather-like, creating a soft frame for the face. Pairing long layers with wispy bangs or curtain bangs allows for movement and gives the hairstyle an effortless feel.

Short Hair

For shorter styles, bold full bangs (blunt bangs) make a striking statement. They bring attention to the eyes and add a touch of sophistication. Choppy bangs inject texture and edginess into a playful pixie cut or a structured bob, making it look modern and chic.


korean bangs hairstyle korean bangs updo
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Even when our hair is swept up, Korean bangs can add a softness and style to the look. Curtain bangs, which part gracefully, work particularly well with messy buns or loose chignons. They frame the face beautifully, giving the updo a romantic, yet relaxed vibe.


korean bangs hairstyle bangs with braids
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Braids with bangs are not only cute but also practical. Try incorporating onion bangs—slightly curled under to resemble the layers of an onion—into a side braid for a playful touch. Highlighted bangs can accentuate the braiding style and add dimension to the overall look.

Addressing Common Concerns

When adopting the trendy Korean bangs hairstyle, it’s common to run into a few hiccups. We’ve got some tips to help you manage the growth process, tackle any cowlicks, and keep your bangs looking fresh even in humid weather.

Growing Out Bangs

As beautiful as Korean bangs can be, there comes a time when you might want to grow them out. Patience is key here, but there are a few strategies to help this transition:

  • Trimming: Regular light trims can keep the shape of your bangs as they grow out, making them blend in better with the rest of your hair.
  • Styling: Side-swept styles and incorporating hair accessories can help manage the awkward lengths and keep hair out of your eyes.

Dealing with Cowlicks

Cowlicks can be particularly frustrating when styling your bangs. Here’s how to get them under control:

  • Blow Drying: Apply a little bit of styling product and use a round brush while blow drying to direct the hair where you want it to sit.
  • Flat Ironing: A quick run over with a flat iron can tame stubborn cowlicks for a sleeker appearance.

Bangs in Humid Weather

korean bangs hairstyle
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Humidity is a well-known enemy of well-styled bangs. Follow these steps to combat the effects of high humidity:

  • Anti-Humidity Spray: Use a product specifically designed to resist humidity and keep your bangs from frizzing.
  • Touch-ups: Keep a mini flat iron or styling cream at hand for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Accessories for Korean Bang Hairstyle

We can use different accessories to add a touch of personality or to simply keep our bangs in place.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are indispensable for managing those cute Korean bangs. Whether we opt for:

  • Bobby pins: Ideal for a subtle hold, especially when growing out bangs.
  • Decorative clips: Add a pop of style with shapes, pearls, or sparkles.

These practical accessories help us change up the style or keep hair out of our eyes.


Headbands are not just functional; they can be a statement piece too. We can use them to:

  • Push bangs back on lazy days.
  • Accessorize a more dressed-up look with velvet or bejeweled options.

Choosing the right headband can complement our bangs and complete the ensemble.


korean bangs hairstyle korean bangs with hat
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Pairing hats with Korean bangs can be chic and practical. Consider:

  • Beanies: Tuck your bangs under for a cozy vibe during cooler seasons.
  • Wide-brimmed hats: Ideal for sunny days, letting bangs peek out stylishly.

Hats can be an excellent way to play with our Korean bangs while also protecting us from the elements.

FAQ – Korean Bang Hairstyle

What face shape is best for bangs?

Flatter any face shape with the right Korean bangs style. Oval faces suit all, while round, square, and heart shapes find their fit with diverse options like see-through or curtain bangs—perfect for a personalized, flattering look.

Why do Koreans look good with bangs?

Koreans excel in tailored bangs, harmonizing them with face shape and forehead proportions for a youthful charm. Customized cuts, blending hair texture and personal flair, deliver refreshing looks, showcasing the artistry behind each individual’s unique style and features.

How do you get Korean style bangs?

For Korean-style bangs, assess face shape and hair type first. Consult a Korean-hair-savvy stylist or carefully DIY with sharp scissors. Styling demands a round brush and blow dryer for a voluminous, light touch. Hair straighteners can refine softness and curves, ensuring that coveted Korean bangs look.

Why do Koreans cover forehead?

Covering the forehead with bangs is a style choice influenced by the ideal of a smaller facial structure, which is a beauty standard in Korea. Bangs can also project a more youthful look, which is highly valued. Moreover, bangs like the popular wispy and puppy bangs add a touch of playfulness and style to one’s appearance.

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