Discover 25 Stunning Hairstyles With Bangs Trending in 2024

Seeking an instant update in style? Consider hairstyles featuring bangs as your solution. Whether it’s the striking blunt bangs or the gentle, airy fringes, they provide a flexible option to contour your face and modify your appearance. Bangs can complement any desire, from adding a sophisticated flair to enhancing a softer, romantic vibe, suitable for every face type and mood. Uncover the ideal bangs that align with your character and way of life by delving into the realm of bang hairstyles.

Versatile and Stylish Hairstyles With Bangs

The perfect bangs can frame your face and transform your look. Let’s take a look at the vast array of hairstyles with bangs tailored to suit any style or occasion.

1. Classic Fringe

A timeless option, the classic fringe sits straight across the forehead. It can be tailored to your face shape, giving a fresh and neat appearance.

hairstyles with bangs Classic Fringe
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2. Curly Fringe

Curly fringe embraces natural texture, making it a playful and vibrant choice. It’s a stylish way to add a twist to your curls.

hairstyles with bangs Curly Fringe
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3. Side-Swept Bangs

Elegant and versatile, side-swept bangs flow seamlessly into your hair for a soft, chic look.

hairstyles with bangs Side-swept bangs
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4. Pixie Cut with Bangs

Adding bangs to a pixie cut offers a modern edge that is both daring and refined.

hairstyles with bangs Pixie Cut with Bangs
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5. Baby Bangs

For the bold at heart, baby bangs sit high on the forehead and work best with statement-making personal styles.

hairstyles with bangs Baby Bangs
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6. Micro Bangs

Similar to baby bangs, micro bangs are a short and stylish statement that pair well with almost any hairstyle.

hairstyles with bangs Micro Bangs
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7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs part like their namesake, framing your face with effortless grace.

hairstyles with bangs Curtain bangs
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8. Wispy Bangs

For a more subtle touch, wispy bangs add texture and movement without overwhelming your features.

hairstyles with bangs Wispy Bangs
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9. Feathered Bangs

Soft and airy, feathered bangs are layered to create a natural, flowing effect.

hairstyles with bangs Feathered Bangs
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10. French Bangs

Chic and sophisticated, French bangs offer a more rounded and full look, reminiscent of Parisian style.

hairstyles with bangs French Bangs
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11. Top Knot With Fringe

Combine practicality with flair by pairing a topknot with fringe.

hairstyles with bangs Topknot With Fringe
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12. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs make a strong statement with their precise cut along the brow line.

hairstyles with bangs Blunt Bangs
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13. Waterfall Fringe

Flowing and romantic, the waterfall fringe cascades to the sides, blending with your hair beautifully.

hairstyles with bangs Waterfall Fringe
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14. Long Shag with Bangs

Embrace a rocker vibe with a long shag with bangs, featuring layers and volume.

hairstyles with bangs Long Shag with Bangs
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15. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut—a mix of the shag and mullet—with bangs is a trend that’s here to stay.

hairstyles with bangs Wolf Cut
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16. Braided Bangs

Switch it up with braided bangs for a fun, functional look that keeps hair out of your face.

hairstyles with bangs Braided Bangs
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17. Halo Braid with Bangs

halo braid with bangs combines elegance with a bohemian twist.

hairstyles with bangs Halo Braid with Bangs
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18. Browline-Length Bangs

Sitting at the brow line, these bangs offer a versatile and forgiving style suited to many hair types.

hairstyles with bangs Browline-Length Bangs
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19. Sleek Bob with Arched Bangs

sleek bob coupled with arched bangs provides a polished and modern silhouette.

hairstyles with bangs Sleek Bob with Arched Bangs
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21. V-Shaped Bangs

Edgy and unique, V-shaped bangs make an angular statement.

hairstyles with bangs V-shaped bangs
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22. V-Shaped Bangs With Top Knot

Pair V-shaped bangs with a top knot for a standout look that’s avant-garde and fashionable.

hairstyles with bangs V-shaped bangs with Top Knot
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23. Messy Bangs

Messy bangs work with your hair’s natural texture for a carefree yet stylish look.

hairstyles with bangs Messy Bangs
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24. Layered Hair With Bangs

Add dimension with layered hair and bangs, a versatile combo that suits various face shapes.

hairstyles with bangs Layered Hair With Bangs
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25. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

For a romantic vibe, long wavy hair with bangs softens your features and adds movement.

hairstyles with bangs Long Wavy Hair with Bangs
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Choosing Bangs for Your Face Shape

Selecting the right type of bangs for your face shape is essential. The right bangs can accentuate your features, like cheekbones and jawline, and bring harmony to your overall appearance. Let’s break down the best bang options for different face shapes.

hairstyles with bangs face shapes
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Oval Faces

Oval face shapes are quite versatile and can pull off a variety of bang styles. For an oval face, face-framing bangs work magnificently, as they highlight the face’s natural balance. A classic choice would be soft, feathery bangs that graze the eyebrows.

Round Faces

For round faces, creating an illusion of length and structure is key. Side-swept bangs or angled fringe can add contours to a rounder face, giving the impression of a slenderer silhouette. Aim for bangs that hit slightly below the brow to offer an elongating effect.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead that tapers down to a delicate chin. To balance this shape, consider sweeping side bangs that draw attention to the eyes and away from the forehead. Wispy layers can soften the overall look and enhance your cheekbones.

Square Faces

Those of you with square faces should opt for bangs that soften your strong jawline. Curtain bangs can be a perfect match, as they provide a gentle, face-framing quality that’s not overpowering. Textured ends give a soft, breezy feel, ideally breaking up the linearity of a square face.

Styling and Maintenance Tips

When you decide to embrace hairstyles with bangs, we’re committing to a bit of upkeep for that fresh, chic look. But don’t worry, with a few tips and the right techniques, managing your fringe can be simple and even fun.

Trimming Your Bangs

To keep your bangs looking their best, regular trims are essential. You can visit a salon, or for a quick fix at home, use styling scissors to snip your bangs while dry—this helps to avoid any unwanted length loss due to wet hair shrinkage. Always cut slightly longer than you think you should; you can always trim more if needed.

Blow Drying Techniques

Blow drying efficiently sets the foundation for your bangs’ style. A round brush works wonders to give your bangs volume and shape. Here’s a pro tip: alternate the direction you blow-dry to neutralize any cowlicks and achieve that even, sleek look. Remember to apply a heat protectant ($5.49) before drying to shield your hair from damage.

Using Hair Products

Bangs can get oily faster than the rest of our hair, but with dry shampoo ($8.97 ), you can extend the life of your style. It’s a lifesaver when you need a refresh on the go. To add texture and hold, a light styling mousse ($16.80) or hairspray can define your bangs without weighing them down. Just be sure not to overload—less is more for keeping that bounce in your bangs.

Bangs for Different Hair Textures

For hairstyles with bangs, it’s all about working with your natural texture. Whether you have pin-straight locks or spirals, there’s a bang style that suits you perfectly. Let’s find the right bangs for your unique hair type.

Straight Hair

If you’re blessed with straight hair, you can pull off sleek and thick bangs like a pro. They lie flat without effort and give you a chic, polished look. You might want to consider blunt or micro bangs for a modern, sophisticated edge.

Wavy Hair

Embracing your waves means wavy bangs can add softness and movement. Curtain bangs are particularly flattering, parting gracefully to frame your face and blending seamlessly into your hair’s natural waves.

Curly Hair

Curly bangs can be absolutely stunning and full of life. You should work with your hair’s natural volume and choose styles that allow your curls to flourish. A little layering can go a long way in creating bangs that complement your face shape and show off your spirals’ unique character.

FAQ – Hairstyles With Bangs

Which hairstyle looks good with bangs?

Many hairstyles look great with bangs. For a timeless classic, consider long hair with side bangs; it softens the face and suits most shapes. Curtain bangs pair well with wavy textures, offering a chic ’70s vibe with the bonus of low maintenance. If you’re into short hair, a bob with blunt bangs can be a bold and fashionable choice.

Are bangs still in style for 2024?

Absolutely! Bangs continue to be on-trend in 2024. They have evolved to match contemporary styles, but classics like side-swept and curtain bangs remain popular. New variations emerge regularly, ensuring that bangs stay fresh and relevant.

What face shape do bangs not look good on?

Bangs can complement any face shape; it’s about finding the right style. For example, round faces may want to avoid blunt bangs as they can emphasize roundness. Instead, angling the bangs or opting for longer, side-swept bangs could elongate the face.

What is fringe vs bangs?

“Bangs” and “fringe” refer to the same thing; it’s primarily a difference in terminology between the US (bangs) and the UK (fringe). This is hair cut to lay over the forehead, whether it’s blunt, wispy, or side-swept. The term may vary, but the stylish impact remains unchanged.

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