Long Hair, Edgy Flair: Mohawk Hairstyles For Long Hair 2024

Sporting a mohawk with long hair boldly proclaims one’s unique identity and sense of liberty. While many assume it suits only the overtly bold and outgoing personalities, those possessing long, flowing hair can equally adopt this daring hairstyle. The mohawk’s adaptable nature lets you combine aspects of rebelliousness and sophistication, affording you a distinctive presence in any gathering.

As you adopt this hairstyle, you’re not just wearing a trend; you’re carrying a piece of history. From its Native American roots to punk rock rebellion, the mohawk has always been more than just hair – it’s a symbol.

Types of Mohawk Hairstyles for Long Hair

We see many reinventions and creative twists on mohawk hairstyles for long hair, from the traditional spiked look to elaborate braided designs. Here’s a breakdown of several styles to inspire your next bold hair move.

1. Classic Long Hair Mohawk

The Classic Long Hair Mohawk maintains the central strip of longer hair while the sides are either shaved or cut very short. This style makes a strong statement and is often the go-to for those wishing to showcase their length while still rocking a mohawk.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Classic Long Hair Mohawk
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2. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk intricately weaves hair into braids along the center of the head. It’s a perfect blend of edgy and feminine, offering a unique take on the traditional mohawk silhouette.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Braided Mohawk
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3. Faux Hawk with Curls

For a softer approach, the Faux Hawk with Curls involves styling the hair in curls that mimic the mohawk shape without the commitment of shaving the sides. This style adds volume and texture, tailor-made for long hair.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Faux Hawk with Curls
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4. Mohawk with Undercut

Incorporating an Undercut into a mohawk adds a modern twist. The sides are closely shaved, emphasizing the contrast with the longer, styled strip of hair on top.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Undercut
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5. Twisted Mohawk

The Twisted Mohawk is a playful version that twists sections of hair along the top of the head to form a raised, mohawk-inspired look.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Twisted Mohawk
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6. Mohawk with Ponytail

Combining practicality and style, a Mohawk with Ponytail pulls the hair back into a high pony while the sides remain sleek or slightly volumized to hint at the mohawk style.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Ponytail
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7. Mohawk with Fishtail Braid

Mohawk with Fishtail Braid adds a touch of elegance. The center strip of hair is fashioned into a fishtail braid, giving a soft yet bold look suitable for fancy events.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Fishtail Braid
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8. Messy Mohawk

The Messy Mohawk embraces a more relaxed vibe, with a tousled, textured central strip that looks effortlessly cool.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Messy Mohawk
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9. Mohawk with Accessories

Spice up your mohawk by adding Accessories such as clips, bands, or jewels along the crest of the hairstyle for personalized flair.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Accessoires
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10. Half-Up Half-Down Mohawk

This style ingeniously combines a mohawk with a Half-Up Half-Down approach, maintaining length while giving the top section that classic mohawk lift.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Half-Up Half-Down Mohawk
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11. Mohawk with Top Knot

Mohawk with Top Knot features a knotted bun at the crown. The sides might be braided, twisted, or slicked back to complement the central feature.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Top Knot
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12. Mohawk with Dreads

Finally, a Mohawk with Dreads showcases dreadlocks styled in line with the mohawk aesthetic, maintaining volume and texture while staying true to the mohawk shape.

mohawk hairstyles for long hair Mohawk with Dreads
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History and Evolution of Mohawk Hairstyles

When we think of mohawk hairstyles for long hair, we often recall the audacious punk rock ethos and the rich cultural history interwoven with this distinctive style. Let’s explore the roots, and see how the mohawk has transformed from a tribal tradition to a mainstream fashion statement.

Understanding the Origin

The mohawk hairstyle is intrinsically linked to the Native American people, particularly connected with the image of the Warriors of the Mohawk tribe. Although, it’s a common misconception that this tribe wore the mohawk as we know it today. In truth, historical findings, including the discovery of the Clonycavan Man, suggest that a variety of ancient cultures practiced versions of this hairstyle, using natural substances for styling.

This iconic hairdo was initially a reflection of tribal identity and has served various symbolic purposes over the millennia. Its defining feature is the strip of significantly longer hair running along the top of the head while the sides are either shaved or cut short.

From Punk to Mainstream

By the late 20th century, the mohawk became synonymous with the punk movement, a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity. It was during this time that we really saw mohawk hairstyles for long hair come into play, offering a bold statement against conventional society and frequently dyed in vivid colors to further challenge norms.

As time progressed, this distinctive style was adopted and adapted by wider cultural movements, signaling its passage into the mainstream. From celebrities on the red carpet to models on the runway, the mohawk has been transformed into a versatile fashion staple, inspiring various hybrids like the fauxhawk, which softens the contrast between the long strip and the shaven sides.

We’ve witnessed not only a hairstyle but an emblem of cultural expression, evolve through the ages, always carrying with it a sense of boldness and defiance.

Mohawk Styling Techniques

There’s more than one way to achieve the mohawk hairstyles for long hair. From intricate braiding methods to elegant updos, we show you the styling techniques that can make a long mohawk both unique and beautiful.

Shaving and Trimming

First up, the classic technique involves shaving the sides of the head to create a stark contrast with the length on top. It’s important that the shave be even and that any transition into longer hair is smooth and deliberate. In some styles, a trimmer can be used to add designs or fades that amplify the mohawk’s edginess. Remember, the length and shape of the trimmed area can dramatically change the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

Braiding Methods

Braids offer a way to fashion a mohawk without the commitment of shaving. They’re perfect for events or experimenting with the look temporarily. One method involves braiding the hair at the sides of the head to mimic the shaved look, which can be seen in styles such as the fishtail braid mohawk. Braids can run parallel to the center strip or be incorporated into the mohawk itself for a textured effect.

Updos and Twists

Updos and twists are another creative avenue to achieve the mohawk look. The hair is typically gathered and styled to stand out against the smaller volume at the sides, creating the illusion of a mohawk. A twist-out mohawk, for instance, uses the natural curl pattern to add height and drama to the style. With the help of styling products and pins, long hair can be manipulated into the desired shape and height to capture the bold spirit of the mohawk.

Hair Care and Maintenance for Mohawks

When it comes to maintaining your mohawk hairstyle, it’s all about the right techniques and products. Keeping our rebellious tuft looking sharp means regular washes, moisturizing properly, and styling with precision.

Washing and Conditioning

Washing your mohawk shouldn’t be a daily affair; two to three times a week is ideal to prevent stripping our hair of natural oils. We opt for a gentle shampoo that cleanses without harshness, following up with a hydrating conditioner that targets frizz and keeps our mohawk soft and manageable. Here’s a simple routine:

  1. Wet our hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply shampoo, focusing on the scalp.
  3. Rinse and apply conditioner, mainly on the hair’s mid-lengths and ends.
  4. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with cold water to seal cuticles.

Daily Styling

Starting with damp hair, apply a quality hair gel to hold your strands in place. Use enough to coat the hair but make sure not to overload it, which could lead to flaking. Here’s how you do it:

  • Apply a coin-sized amount of hair gel evenly through our damp mohawk.
  • Use a blow dryer on a low setting to dry our hair till it’s just damp—not completely dry.
  • Once set, a quick spritz of hairspray will add an extra layer of hold and protect your style from wind and humidity.
  • If needed, finish with a second short blow dry to lock everything in place.

Occasions and Styling Ideas

Mohawk hairstyles for long hair, is a look that’s both versatile and chic, perfect for various occasions. Whether you’re aiming for a casual vibe or a more sophisticated style, you can easily tweak the dynamic mohawk to suit your needs.

Casual Looks

For those days when you want to keep it low-key yet stylish, a long mohawk can be toned down for a casual look. You might:

  • Weave your hair into a loose, romantic fishtail braid, allowing some strands to gently frame the face for a soft look.
  • Opt for a braided top that flows into a more relaxed mohawk, adding a playful detail with decorative hair accessories.

Formal and Elegant Styling

In contrast, upscale events call for a hairstyle that makes a statement. Here’s how you can transform your mohawk:

  • Elevate the style with sleek sides and a voluminous braided center that embodies elegance, ideal for weddings or galas.
  • Add romantic flair with an intricate braid adorned with pearls or tiny flowers to capture a truly formal and elegant feel.

By carefully following these steps, we can craft an eye-catching mohawk that turns heads and expresses our personal style.

Adapting Mohawk Hairstyles for Different Hair Types

To rock your mohawk hairstyles for long hair, we understand that everyone’s locks are unique. Whether your strands are curly and full of natural volume or straight and fine, there’s a mohawk style that can work perfectly for you. Let’s explore how you can tailor this bold look to suit your hair type.

Curly and Wavy Hair

Curly and wavy hair naturally lends itself to the volume and texture needed for a striking mohawk. For those of you with curly hair, it’s all about embracing the fluff and structure of your locks. With a long mohawk, you can let your curls stand proud, creating a soft yet edgy silhouette. Strategic shaving or tapering the sides can enhance the natural volume on top, leading to a look that’s as daring as it is delightful.

Straight and Fine Hair

If you’ve got straight and fine hair, don’t think the mohawk is out of your reach. Your key to success lies in precision styling and the clever use of products. A longer version of the mohawk for straight hair can be achieved with backcombing and strong-hold gels or mousses that add body and height. Consider braiding the sides or creating a subtle undercut to give the illusion of a narrower side profile, showcasing the dramatic central strip of hair.

FAQ – Mohawk Hairstyles For Long Hair

What Face Shape is Best for a Mohawk?

Oval and heart-shaped faces tend to be the most flattering for mohawk hairstyles. The height and structure of the mohawk can complement the symmetry of an oval face, and the edginess can balance out the softness of a heart-shaped face.

How Long Does Your Hair Need to Be for a Mohawk?

For a traditional mohawk, at least a couple of inches of length on top is ideal to create the classic spiked or fanned look. If you’re aiming for a long mohawk hairstyle, having hair that’s long enough to braid or style considerably increases your styling options.

Can a Mohawk Look Professional?

Absolutely! A mohawk can be styled to look sophisticated and professional. Opt for a subdued version of the mohawk with less drastic sides and a neatly styled top. Adding texture rather than spikes can also keep the look appropriate for professional settings.

Can You Have a Mohawk with Thin Hair?

Yes. Using products that add volume and thickness can give your mohawk the necessary lift. You might also consider a mohawk haircut that features shorter, managed sides to create the illusion of thicker hair on top.

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