15 Unique Side Shaved Hair Ideas: Transform Your Look 2024

Dive into the universe of side shaved hair concepts, where originality and personal flair unite in the domain of fashion and beauty. This daring trend paves the way for fashion-forward looks and audacious declarations, offering limitless possibilities for expressing oneself. Learn to tailor your look with striking color variations or different lengths, making it clear that side shaved hair designs can accommodate every preference or liking.

Top Side Shaved Hair Ideas

Incorporating side shaved hair ideas into your style can be a striking change. Whether you’re aiming for an edgy look or a subtle nod to modern punk trends, there’s a variety of cuts to express your individuality. Take a look at our top picks for shaved side hairstyles!

1. Undercut with Long Side Swept Hair

Long hair offers versatility, and by adding an undercut on one side, you achieve a stunning contrast that’s hard to miss. Sweep your hair to the other side for a dramatic effect that showcases your shaved side.

side shaved hair ideas Undercut with Long Side Swept Hair
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2. Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

A pixie cut exudes confidence, and when coupled with a shaved side, it brings a modern twist to the classic style. This works particularly well for those with thick or straight hair, providing a refreshing asymmetry.

side shaved hair ideas Pixie Cut with Shaved Side
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3. Shaved Side with Design

Let your creativity shine by incorporating unique designs into your shaved side. From intricate patterns to simple lines, this personalized touch adds a signature to your haircut.

side shaved hair ideas Shaved Side with Design
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4. Tousled Mohawk and Shaved Side

Combine the wild spirit of a mohawk with a smoothly shaved side for a dynamic contrast. This look suits a range of hair types, creating a tousled, rebellious vibe.

side shaved hair ideas Tousled Mohawk and Shaved Side
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5. Undercut with Ponytail

Pull your hair back into a ponytail to reveal an undercut that packs a punch. This is an excellent way to play with the duality of hidden elements in your hairstyle.

side shaved hair ideas Undercut with Ponytail
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6. Shaved Side with Updo

Elevate your updo by shaving one or both sides for a refined yet daring look. Perfect for straight or curly hair, it adds a modern edge to a sophisticated style.

side shaved hair ideas Shaved Side with Updo
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7. Shaved Side with Braided Hair

Incorporating a shaved side with braids offers a stunning contrast that is both bold and beautiful, especially with thick hair.

side shaved hair ideas Shaved Side with Braided Hair
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8. Curly Pixie with Undercut

A curly pixie cut paired with an undercut brings out the best of both worlds, highlighting the natural volume and texture of curls.

side shaved hair ideas Curly Pixie with Undercut
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9. Braided Mohawk and Shaved Side

A braided mohawk with a shaved side marries edginess with elegance, giving an audacious twist to braided styles.

side shaved hair ideas Braided Mohawk and Shaved Side
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10. Shaved Side with Faux Hawk

A faux hawk combined with a shaved side is the perfect compromise for those looking to flirt with a mohawk without full commitment.

side shaved hair ideas Shaved Side with Faux Hawk
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11. Curly Hair with Shaved Side

Shaving one side and leaving curls to dominate the other part strikes a perfect balance between tame and wild.

side shaved hair ideas Curly Hair with Shaved Side
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12. Box Braids with Shaved Side

Adding a shaved side to box braids can create a statement look that emphasizes the detailed work of your braids.

side shaved hair ideas Box Braids with Shaved Side
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13. Fade Haircut for Women

Women’s fade haircuts with a side shave are trendy and versatile, fitting every situation from the boardroom to the dance floor.

side shaved hair ideas Fade Haircut for Women
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14. A-Line Undercut Bob

An A-line bob naturally draws the eye downward, but when you throw in a side shave, it immediately becomes an avant-garde hairstyle.

side shaved hair ideas A-Line Undercut Bob
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15. Mullet with Shaved Side

Revamp the classic mullet with a side shave for an updated version that features the best of both retro and modern sensibilities.

side shaved hair ideas Mullet with Shaved Side
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Understanding the Basics of Side-Shaved Hairstyles

The History and Evolution of Side Shaves

Side shaved hairstyles, a daring statement that has evolved over time, originated from subcultures that sought to break from tradition. Often associated with the punk movement of the 70s and 80s, this hairstyle has since been adopted by mainstream fashion, evolving into a multifaceted expression of personality and style. It’s a mark of boldness that has transitioned from a sign of rebellion to a widespread hair trend.

Identifying Your Hair Type and Texture

When considering a side shave, it’s essential for you to identify your hair type and texture to ensure the style complements us. Hair can be:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coily

Texture ranges from fine to thick. A side shave can add visible contrast and volume, particularly for those of you with fine hair. Understanding this helps tailor the side shave, such as an undercut, to enhance your overall hairstyle while maintaining a balanced look.

side shaved hair ideas hair types and texture
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Creative Styling and Accessorizing Your Side Shave

Whether you’re accentuating your look for a night out or adding a personal touch for day-to-day wear, the addition of intricate braids, attention-grabbing accessories, and a pop of color can elevate our style exponentially.

Incorporating Braids and Twists into Your Look

Braiding the hair on the longer side of your side shave adds a level of sophistication and can make your look versatile. You can weave in fishtail braidsDutch braids, or even simple twists that fall gracefully over the shaved section, creating an eye-catching contrast. When you pull your hair up into a ponytail, these braids become a feature that draws admiration.

Accessorizing with Headbands, Clips, and Pins

Headbands are your friend when it comes to side shaved hair. They’re not just functional; they can be standout style elements. Choose bold colors or embellished designs to turn heads. Bobby pins and clips can be both decorative and practical, securing straying strands or being patterned across the scalp for a faux-shaved effect.

Experimenting with Color and Balayage

Introducing color into your side shaved hairstyle can take things from great to extraordinary. A subtle balayage blends seamlessly with side shaved styles, creating depth and dimension. Or, for those of you who love to make a statement, applying bright colors like electric blue or fire engine red to the shaved section can showcase our adventurous side and articulate our individuality.

Maintaining Your Side Shave

Maintaining that fresh appearance is where the real challenge lies. Let’s explore how to maintain that sharp edge day in and day out.

Routine Care and Haircuts

Keeping your shaved style looking sharp is a matter of regular maintenance. For those with a shaved undercut or sides, here’s a quick maintenance schedule:

  • Weekly: Use clippers at home to manage hairline and side growth. This keeps the style low maintenance.
  • Monthly: Visit a barber for a professional touch-up, especially for intricate fade haircuts. They’ll help blend the sides into the longer sections.

Choosing the Right Hair Products

The right products make a difference:

  • For Natural Hair: Moisturizing products are key for keeping scalp and hair healthy. Look for hydrating oils ($7.88) and butters.
  • For All Hair Types: A strong hold gel ($14.24) or pomade will keep the rest of your hair in place, complementing the boldness of the side shave.

FAQ – Side Shaved Hair Ideas

Are shaved sides still in style?

Yes, shaved sides are very much in style in 2024. They are a dynamic choice for anyone looking to add an edge to their hairstyle. This trend caters to both subtle and bold preferences, making it easy to achieve a personalized style statement.

How do I maintain side shaved hair?

Schedule maintenance trims every 2-4 weeks.
Wash your hair as you normally would; do not change your regular hair care routine.
Use hair products to emphasize the contrast, such as pomades for a sleek look or texturizing sprays for added volume on top.

Do undercuts grow out weird?

Undercuts can grow out unevenly if not maintained, but this can also allow for creative transitions to different styles. For a smoother grow-out phase, consider:
Trimming the top longer than the sides.
Styling hair to the side or in updos like a high ponytail that can camouflage the growing undercut.
– Being patient as your hair transitions through different lengths, which may give you new styling opportunities.

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