Hairstyle for Men Formal: Top Trends For A Bold Look 2024

Selecting the ideal hairstyle for formal events is essential for creating a memorable impression. Whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate gala, your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personal style. Recognizing the challenge many men face in identifying the perfect style and haircut for these occasions, we have curated a list of the top 20 hairstyles for you.

Popular Formal Hairstyles For Men

Whether it’s for the office, a wedding, or a black-tie event, let’s explore some classic and contemporary formal hairstyles for men that can help you command the room.

1. Classic Taper

The classic taper features hair that gradually shortens from the top down to the nape, creating a clean and versatile look that pairs well with pomade for a sleek finish.

hairstyle for men formal Classic Taper
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2. Man Bun

For those of us with long hair, the man bun remains a trendy choice that manages to be both laid-back and sophisticated, making it a unique choice for formal settings.

hairstyle for men formal Man Bun
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3. Slicked Back

The slicked back style is a timeless look where hair is combed straight back, using hair spray or gel for hold, projecting an image of confidence.

hairstyle for men formal Slicked Back
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4. Buzzcut

The buzzcut is as low-maintenance as it gets while still being sharp; it’s ideal for those seeking a minimalist, yet commanding formal style.

hairstyle for men formal Buzzcut
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5. Low Fade

low fade starts short at the bottom and blends into longer hair on top, perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your look without sacrificing formality.

hairstyle for men formal Low Fade
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6. Side-Swept

Impeccably groomed, the side-swept style works well with a side part, striking a balance of elegance and charisma.

hairstyle for men formal Side-Swept
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7. Slicked Back With Undercut

Combining the polished look of the slick back with the edge of an undercut, this style is for the modern gentleman looking to stand out.

hairstyle for men formal Slicked Back With Undercut
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8. Crew Cut

The crew cut remains a strong favorite among formal hairstyles, given its neat trim and ease of styling.

hairstyle for men formal Crew Cut
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9. Pompadour

Channel classic cool with a classic pompadour, where the hair is swept upwards and back for a voluminous statement.

hairstyle for men formal Pompadour
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10. Comb Over

The comb over is a versatile choice that can be as subtle or as sleek as you like, making it an excellent go-to for various professional settings.

hairstyle for men formal Comb Over
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11. Caesar Cut

For a sharp and structured look with short hair, the Caesar cut is a distinguished option.

hairstyle for men formal Caesar Cut
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12. High and Tight

Modeled after military styles, the high and tight is neat, practical, and always in control.

hairstyle for men formal High and Tight
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13. Tousled Waves

Add a touch of playfulness to your formal look with some softly tousled waves, perfect for medium-length hair.

hairstyle for men formal Tousled Waves
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14. Disconnected Undercut

If you’re feeling bold, the disconnected undercut provides a stark contrast that’s sure to grab attention.

hairstyle for men formal Disconnected Undercut
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15. Bald Fade

The bald fade combines smooth skin-close sides that blend into any hairstyle on top for a sharp look.

hairstyle for men formal Bald Fade
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16. Faux Hawk

For an edgier formal style, consider a subtle faux hawk that’s still refined enough for most formal events.

hairstyle for men formal Faux Hawk
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17. Comb Over Fade

This style updates the traditional comb over by integrating a fade for a fresh take on a classic.

hairstyle for men formal Comb Over Fade
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18. Messy Quiff

messy quiff offers an effortlessly cool look while keeping things tidy enough for formal occasions.

hairstyle for men formal Messy Quiff
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19. Curly Top with Tapered Sides

Celebrate those curls with a look that elevates them, pairing a curly top with fashion-forward tapered sides.

hairstyle for men formal Curly Top with Tapered Sides
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20. Samurai Hair

If your hair is particularly long, tying it up into a sleek ‘Samurai’ hairstyle can convey a sense of sophistication and prowess.

hairstyle for men formal Samurai Hair
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Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

The harmony between your face shape and haircut is essential. A perfectly tailored haircut can accentuate your best features and give off an iconic and classy vibe.

Identifying Your Face Shape

The first step we’ll take is determining your unique face shape. Take a look in the mirror and observe the widest part of your face: is it your forehead, cheekbones, or jawline? An oval face is longer than it is wide, while a round face is equally wide as it is long. Square faces feature a strong, angular jaw and diamond faces showcase high cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin.

hairstyle for men formal face shapes men
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Best Formal Hairstyles for Each Face Shape

Once you’ve pinned down your face shape, finding the right hairstyle is your next mission.

  • Oval: Oval faces are versatile and can sport most cuts gracefully. Aim for a classic side part or a slicked-back look to maintain the balance of your features.
  • Round: A pompadour or a faux hawk adds height and structure, giving the illusion of a more elongated face.
  • Square: A clean, side-parted hairstyle complements the angular jawline, embodying a timeless, sharp appearance.
  • Diamond: With a diamond shape, go for hairstyles that add width to the forehead and chin, like a textured crop or a fringe.

Styling Products and Tools

To achieve the perfect formal hairstyle for men, it’s all about the precision of the products and tools you use.

Choosing the Right Products

To ensure your hairstyle holds up throughout a formal event, start by selecting a product that matches your hair type and the style you’re aiming for. If you’re going for a classic slick-back look or something more structured, a high-quality pomade ($12.34)with a glossy finish might be your go-to choice. In contrast, for a natural look with a matte finish, consider using a lighter styling cream or fiber. Application is key: work a small amount evenly throughout dry or slightly damp hair.

  • Shiny Finish: High-hold, glossier pomades
  • Natural Finish: Lower-hold products with a matte quality

For longer-lasting hold, especially in humid conditions, don’t shy away from finishing with a mist of strong hair spray ($7.57).

Using Tools for a Polished Look

With the right tools, you can elevate a simple hairstyle into a masterpiece of stylish precision. For textured styles, a fine-tooth comb and a blow dryer will help us create the volume and movement necessary. Whereas for more refined hairstyles, like the sleek slick back, the use of a quality brush or comb is essential to distribute the product evenly and smooth out any unruly strands.

  • Volume & Texture: Use a blow dryer ($19.98) and a round brush.
  • Sleek Precision: A fine-tooth comb ($4.99) for product distribution.

Our Maintenance Tips For Formal Hairstyles

To ensure your formal hairstyle stays impeccable, a touch-up kit is crucial. This includes a comb or brush and a small bottle of hairspray or pomade. Don’t forget that for styles like the undercut or taper fade, a brief midday check can keep the sides sleek and the volume on top just right. Even if you’re contending with a receding hairline, the right product can maintain fullness and confidence throughout your day.

Low-Maintenance Styles for Busy Men

Busy men benefit from low-maintenance hairstyles that need minimal fuss. A classic side part, for example, can be a saving grace, combining style with simplicity. Stick to cuts that are easy to manage; regular trimming helps to maintain the shape and style of the haircut. Opt for haircuts that grow out well, like those with a natural taper, and you’ll find your grooming routine reduced and your sharp look preserved.

FAQ – Hairstyle For Men Formal

Which hairstyle is best for a formal look?

The best hairstyle for a formal look is usually a clean and well-groomed one, such as classic casual layers, which suit men across all age groups and add a neat, elegant touch. Other popular options include the timeless combover, side parting, and slicked-back styles.

Is long hair formal for men?

Yes, long hair can be formal for men if it’s well-maintained and styled properly. A neatly tied bun or a slicked-back ponytail can convey elegance and are excellent for a professional appearance. Long hair must look intentional and polished for formal settings

How should I wear my hair for a formal event?

For a formal event, your hair should be styled in a way that complements your overall attire and the formality of the occasion. A classic comb-over with a low fade or a more daring low fade with a hard part and quiff are both stylish choices that make a statement without being overly flashy.

What hairstyle is most professional for men?

The most professional hairstyles for men are those that are neat and unobtrusive. Styles like a modest quiff or a simple side parting are widely accepted in corporate environments. They are seen as classy and business-appropriate, ensuring you look put together and ready for any professional challenge.

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