How To Achieve Halo Hairstyle – Explore 15 Magic Braids 2024

The halo hairstyle has gained popularity for its heavenly and refined appearance. It offers a flexible and eye-catching option for styling hair from medium to long lengths for various occasions, formal or casual. We’re fond of its adaptability to match any individual’s style, whether adding flowers for a bohemian flair or opting for a sleek finish for an upscale feel.

We’ve seen the halo braid evolve over the years, becoming a staple in our hairstyle repertoire. The best part about this trend is its adaptability. It not only frames the face beautifully but also keeps hair neatly tucked away, making it a practical choice for a busy day or even festivals and concerts.

Discover 15 Stunning Halo Hairstyles

We’ve explored the world of halo hairstyles and uncovered 15 stunning variations that can elevate any look. From incorporating intricate braids to playful accessories, there’s a halo hairstyle to suit every occasion and personal style.

1. Classic Halo Braid

Our journey begins with the Classic Halo Braid, a timeless choice that encircles your head with elegance. It’s a seamless blend, often leaving no beginning or end visible.

halo hairstyle Halo Braid
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2. Double Halo Twist

Double Halo Twist notches up the classic by adding a second braid, a creative twist for those who crave a more intricate style.

halo hairstyle Double Halo Twist
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3. Braided Crown with Flowers

The Braided Crown with Flowers invites a touch of nature, integrating fresh or faux flowers for a romantically rustic look.

halo hairstyle Braided Crown with Flowers
by Pinterest

4. Halo Braid with Cornrows

The Halo Braid with Cornrows mixes textures —smooth halo on top and detailed cornrows beneath— for a style full of depth and contrast.

halo hairstyle Halo Braid with Cornrows
by Pinterest

5. Crown of Fishtail Braids

Achieve a more intricate pattern with the Crown of Fishtail Braids, where thin sections weave together in an elaborate display.

halo hairstyle Crown of Fishtail Braids
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6. Bohemian Halo Braid

Embrace relaxed vibes with the Boho Halo Braid, featuring loosely braided elements and wisps of hair framing the face.

halo hairstyle Bohemian Halo Braid
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7. Crown of Twisted Braids

The Crown of Twisted Braids exhibits a medley of twirls and turns, a chic alternative for those who prefer twists over braids.

halo hairstyle Crown of Twisted Braids
by Pinterest

8. Half-Up Halo Knot

Our Half-Up Halo Knot combines the ease of half-up hair with the sophistication of a halo, perfect for a casual yet refined look.

halo hairstyle Half-Up Halo Knot
by Pinterest

9. Halo Braid with Low Bun

Pair the halo with a Low Bun at the nape, an elegant choice that exudes poise and grace.

halo hairstyle Halo Braid with Low Bun
by Pinterest

10. Waterfall Waves Halo Braid

Invite movement into your hairstyle with Waterfall Waves Halo Braid, where cascading waves add a dynamic twist to the halo braid.

halo hairstyle Waterfall Waves Halo Braid
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11. Dutch Halo Braid

Try the Dutch Halo Braid for an inside-out effect, a bolder three-dimensional take on the halo concept.

halo hairstyle Dutch Halo Braid
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12. Halo Braid with Bangs

Combine timeless charm with modern flair in a Halo Braid with Bangs, framing your face with soft or bold fringe.

halo hairstyle Halo Braid with Bangs
by Pinterest

13. Voluminous Halo Braid

Opt for drama with the Voluminous Halo Braid, puffing out sections for a more pronounced and fuller halo.

halo hairstyle Voluminous Halo Braid
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14. Half up Half Down Halo Braid

For those indecisive days, the Half up Half Down Halo Braid offers the best of both worlds, balancing the braid with loose hair.

halo hairstyle Half up Half Down Halo Braid
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15. Halo braid with accessories

Lastly, personalizing with accessories —like ribbons or sparkling clips— can make any halo braid unique and tailored to your look.

halo hairstyle Halo braid with accessoires
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History and Origin of the Halo Hairstyle

When we explore the heritage of the halo hairstyle, we’re delving into a rich tapestry of human history that intertwines with culture and symbolism.

Cultural Significance

The halo braid is more than just a hairstyle; it’s steeped in cultural significance. Its very name draws from the angelic imagery of a halo and suggests an air of ethereal beauty that resonates across various cultures and epochs. Historically, the braid has been a testament to skill and artistry, a symbol that is both practical and decorative.

Discovering the origins of braids takes us back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. In African culture, braiding served as a social art wherein the style, pattern, and intricacy communicated attributes such as status, ethnicity, and even relational ties. The tradition of braids like the halo has been found in artifacts and writings, pointing to a rich legacy that predates modern styling by centuries.

The halo braid, in particular, has been appropriated throughout history for its significant connotations and ease of maintaining long hair. It has graced the heads of figures in classical artworks and been adopted in modern times for both casual and formal settings, reflecting its enduring versatility.

Preparing Your Hair for Braiding

Creating a beautiful halo hairstyle starts with the right preparation. You want your hair in the best possible shape to ensure smooth braiding and a style that lasts. Let’s take a closer look at how to get your mane ready for this heavenly updo.

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

Hair Type:

  • Straight Hair: Lightweight volumizing products.
  • Curly Hair: Curl-defining creams to reduce frizz.

Products to Consider:

It’s essential to pick products tailored to your hair type to maintain natural look and feel. For instance, if your hair is prone to oiliness, you might prefer a balancing shampoo, while dry or coarse hair will benefit from extra-moisturizing formulas.

Detangling and Sectioning


  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hairbrush designed for detangling


  1. Start with damp hair for easier detangling.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently work out tangles and knots.
  3. Part hair down the middle for a symmetrical halo braid.
  4. Section hair evenly on both sides of the part to keep the braid balanced.

Proper detangling and sectioning helps you avoid snagging and breaking hair during the braiding process. Remember to part your hair neatly, as halo hairstyles rely on a clean, even base for the best results.

Prepping for Different Hair Textures

  • Straight Hair: To add texture and reduce slip, you can apply dry shampoo or a texturizing spray.
  • Curly Hair: Leave-in conditioner or curl-defining cream will enhance your natural curls and provide hold without the crunch.
  • Natural Hair: For those with natural hair, it’s crucial to moisturize thoroughly. You may use oils or butters to seal in moisture and add shine.

Regardless of hair texture, you need your hair to be detangled, smooth, and ready to be woven into a majestic halo braid. Taking the time to prepare our hair properly will ensure the halo hairstyle looks superb and holds beautifully throughout the day.

Step-by-Step Halo Braid Tutorial

A halo braid is a stunning way to elevate your hairstyle for any occasion, and we’re excited to share how simple it can be. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to try new variations, we’ll guide you through each step.

Basic Halo Braid

Creating the classic halo braid starts with prepping the hair to ensure it’s tangle-free. Here’s how we can create this ethereal look:

  1. Part your hair down the middle or slightly to the side, depending on your preference.
  2. Start a Dutch braid (or a reverse French braid) on one side of the head, adding sections of hair to the braid as you move around the head’s crown.
  3. When you reach the start point, tuck the end of the braid underneath the beginning to hide the tail.

Variations of Halo Braids

The halo braid offers room for creativity with several beautiful variations:

  • Fishtail Halo Braid: Instead of a Dutch braid, use the fishtail technique for a more intricate design.
  • Double Halo Braid: Create two Dutch braids parallel to each other around your head for a more complex and textured appearance.
  • Crown Braid: Opt for a French braid instead of a Dutch braid for a style that sits more on top of the head, resembling a crown.

Each variation adapts to different hair types and personal styles, making the halo braid versatile.

Styling Tips and Techniques

When you approach styling a halo hairstyle, it’s all about mastering volume, securing the braid, and applying the perfect finishing touches to achieve that angelic look.

Creating Volume and Texture

To begin, it’s crucial to build volume and texture. Start with damp hair and work in a volumizing mousse. Once applied, use a curling iron to add loose waves, ensuring to apply heat protection spray first to prevent damage. This not only creates texture but also helps give the braid more grip and a fuller appearance. When plaiting your three strands, gently pancake the braid by tugging on the side strands to make the braid appear more voluminous.

Securing the Braid

Securing your halo braid is pivotal to ensure it stays in place all day. Begin by creating a middle part and sectioning your hair to make plaiting around your head easier. Use bobby pins ($5.99) strategically placed beneath the braid to anchor it without them being seen. A clear hair tie can neatly tie off the ends before tucking and pinning them out of sight. Ensuring the braid is not too tight around the ears will maintain comfort and give a more relaxed appearance.

Finishing Touches

The final touches are what give your halo hairstyle its polish and lasting power. Gently smooth away any flyaways with a light touch of hairspray, keeping the style soft yet controlled. For an extra-secure hold, especially if your hair is prone to slipping, additional bobby pins can be used to pin down any layers that didn’t make it into the braid. If you want to preserve the style overnight, consider sleeping with a bonnet to minimize frizz and maintain the style’s integrity for the next day.

Occasions and Variations

When we talk about the halo hairstyle, we’re discussing a versatile look that can be tailored for various occasions, from daily outings to glamorous events. Each variant offers either a casual flair or a polished elegance, proving that this hairstyle is truly adaptable.

Casual vs. Formal Styles

Casual Styles:

  • Messy Halo Braid: Perfect for everyday wear, adds a bohemian twist.
  • Modern Half-Up Halo: A trendy option bringing a relaxed vibe for casual outings.

Formal Styles:

  • Elegant Halo Updo: Ideal for weddings and prom, embodying a romantic charm.
  • Sleek Halo Braid: For formal events, providing a refined and classic appearance.

Adapting to Different Hair Lengths

Short Hair:

  • Halo Crown with Weave: Adding extensions can make this style achievable even for those with short locks.
  • Miniature Halo Braids: A smaller halo can give the illusion of a fuller hairstyle.

Medium to Long Hair:

  • Use the full length to create a classic natural halo braid, which works beautifully as a protective hairstyle while offering elegance.

Seasonal and Thematic Variations

Seasonal Variations:

  • Spring/Summer: Experiment with flowers or ribbons for a fresh, seasonal look.
  • Fall/Winter: Incorporate warm-toned accessories to suit the coziness of the season.

Thematic Variations:

  • Romantic Themes: Soften the halo braid with loose strands for a date night.
  • Pictures and Portraits: Ensure your halo braid is polished and well-defined for a lasting impression on camera.

Maintaining and Protecting Your Halo Braid

To keep your halo hairstyle looking divine, it’s critical you focus on post-styling care and nighttime protection to maintain its elegance and prevent frizz or damage.

Hair Care After Styling

After you have styled your hair in a halo braid, the right hair care is essential to keep it looking fresh. For natural hair, we ensure it stays moisturized by applying a leave-in conditioner to avoid any brittleness. If any tendrils around the forehead become frizzy, a light touch-up with a curling wand can redefine them. Remember to use heat protectant before curling to safeguard our strands.

  • A Quick Tip List for Maintenance:
    • Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil post-styling.
    • Touch up any frizzy tendrils with a curling wand and heat protectant.
    • Use a gentle, flexible hold hairspray to keep the braid intact without stiffness.

Nighttime Preservation

The key to keeping your halo braid intact overnight is wrapping it carefully. We opt for a silk scarf or a bonnet to reduce frizz and tension. A silk pillowcase can also be a hair-saver, helping to maintain moisture levels and reduce rough friction. For us, utilizing a shower cap during showers ensures our braid doesn’t absorb moisture which can lead to unravelling.

  • Steps for Overnight Care:
    1. Wrap the halo braid with a silk scarf or bonnet before bed.
    2. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and frizz.
    3. Use a shower cap to protect the braid from moisture when showering.

By following these tips, your protective hairstyle stays neat, extends its life, and your hair remains healthy.

FAQ – Halo Hairstyle

What is a halo hairstyle?

A halo hairstyle refers to a beautiful and elegant updo where the hair is arranged in a circular pattern around the head, resembling a halo. Typically, it involves a braid that runs along the hairline, often done via a Dutch braid or French braid technique, making it a stunning and practical choice for various occasions.

How can I create a halo hairstyle at home?

First, brush your hair to remove any tangles. Begin by braiding at the nape of your neck and work your way around the head, incorporating strands as you go. Secure the braid with pins discreetly tucked under the braid.

Are halo hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Yes. Halo hairstyles are remarkable for their adaptability to various hair types. Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, you can tailor this hairstyle to complement your hair’s texture and length. For shorter hair, ensure your hair is at least 4 inches long to properly conceal the braid.

Can I accessorize a halo hairstyle?

Yes, one of the joys of a halo hairstyle is its versatility, making it easy to accessorize. Feel free to add in flowers, ribbons, or jeweled hairpins for a personalized touch.

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