How To Look Cute In School: School Hairstyles for Girls 2024

We understand the significance of girls feeling assured and chic. A method to guarantee they kick off their day positively is through having a selection of chic and functional hairstyles for school. We’re on hand to assist with some fashionable choices that are simple to craft and appropriate for school settings.

From braids to buns, ponytails to up-dos, there are numerous hairstyles for girls that can switch up their look and express their personality. Many of these hairstyles are quick and simple, perfect for those hectic mornings when time is limited. Not only do these hairstyles keep hair manageable, but they also add an element of fun and creativity to their daily routine.

So, let’s take a look at our selection of stylish and manageable school hairstyles for girls that’ll have them walking the halls with confidence and looking fabulous. We hope these options will inspire both you and your child to have fun experimenting with different looks, while also saving time in the morning. Get ready to transform your girl’s hair game with our suggestions!

Understanding Different Hair Types

Knowing your hair type can make all the difference when choosing the perfect hairstyle, ensuring it suits your unique look and is manageable to maintain throughout the school day.

Hair can be broadly classified into three categories based on length: short hairmedium hair, and long hair. Each type has its advantages, challenges, and hairstyles that work well.

Short hair is the most low-maintenance option. It dries quickly, requires less product, and is ideal for active girls who enjoy sports or gym classes. Classic short hairstyles include the French bob, pixie cuts, and simple bobs. To keep short hair looking polished, it’s essential to get regular trims.

Medium hair is versatile and offers more styling options than short hair. Girls with medium hair can play around with layers, bangs, and a variety of ponytails and braids. One popular medium hairstyle is the asymmetrical cut, which adds a touch of edginess to the look.

Long hair opens up a world of possibilities for braids, updos, and other intricate school hairstyles for girls. Among the most popular long hairstyles are Double Dutch braids and waterfall braids. However, long hair requires more care, such as regular brushing, detangling, and conditioning to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Finding the perfect hairstyle depends on each girl’s hair type, personal preferences, and school hair guidelines. By understanding the different hair types, we can better select flattering and manageable hairstyles that will make every girl feel confident and stylish in school.

Easy School Hairstyles for Girls

We know school mornings can be hectic, and finding the perfect school hairstyles for girls might be challenging. Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some cute, quick, and versatile hairstyles that will make your mornings a breeze.

A classic ponytail is always a great choice. It’s simple and works for most hair types. To add a touch of uniqueness, try a fishtail braid ponytail, which looks intricate yet is easy to create.

Neck Length Hairstyles fishtail braid ponytail
by Pinterest

Another quick and stylish option is the messy bun. This style is perfect if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks chic. For added flair, consider incorporating a braided element into the bun.

Neck Length Hairstyles messy bun
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For a more elegant look, try the half-up style. This hairstyle works well with wavy or curly hair and can be personalized with cute hair accessories. A crown braid adds a romantic touch while keeping hair away from the face.

Neck Length Hairstyles half-up hairstyle
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Braids and updos are versatile options for school hairstyles that can be customized for various hair lengths and textures. One of our favorites is the French braid, which keeps hair secure all day long. If you prefer something more playful, try double Dutch braids or braided pigtails.

Remember, creating easy and cute school hairstyles for girls doesn’t have to be difficult. With a bit of creativity and practice, you’ll master these styles in no time!

Braids and How to Style Them

There’s a multitude of ways to create unique and beautiful braided styles that will make your child stand out. Following, we’ll explore some popular braid styles and how you can achieve them.

Side braids are a simple and quick option, perfect for taming long hair with more flair than a standard ponytail. Simply split the hair into two sections and braid each section down either side. For a more intricate style, try Dutch or French braids which involve adding strands of hair as you braid. French braids have strands that go over while Dutch braids have strands that go under, creating a 3D effect.

Box braids are versatile and work well with different hair types. These braids are made by individually sectioning the hair into small squares and plaiting each section. Another braiding option for a low-maintenance and adorable look is mini braids. These are smaller and thinner than regular braids and can be mixed with other hairstyles, such as a braided ponytail.

If you’re looking to create a more elegant and formal school hairstyle for girls, consider a braid updo. One popular option is the braided bun. To create this style, braid the hair from the sides, leaving the central portion in an updo, and combine them into a low, big, messy bun at the back.

Neck Length Hairstyles braided bun
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With this variety of braid options, the possibilities for school hairstyles for girls are endless. Enjoy experimenting with these styles and watch your child’s confidence grow!

Working with Accessories

Now that you have choosen a hairstyle for your little princess you can complete her style by adding accessories headbands, bobby pins, beads, statement bows, and even trendy JoJo Siwa bows. Let us explore some creative ways to use these accessories in your school hairstyles.

Headbands are a versatile option – they can help to keep your hair out of your face, add some style, and even make a fashion statement. Try using colorful headbands or ones with patterns to match your outfit. For a more functional approach, use a stretchy headband during gym class or outdoor activities to hold your hair securely in place.

Bobby pins are an essential accessory for many school hairstyles. These tiny helpers can be used to secure updos, enhance braids, or simply hold back your bangs. You can even create unique patterns by arranging the bobby pins in an artistic way. Decorative bobby pins with rhinestones or delicate designs can add a touch of glam to your everyday look.

If you love to add some sparkle to your style, beads are a fantastic option. They can be easily threaded onto braids, twists, or ponytails, giving your hair an eye-catching and playful appearance. For an ethnic touch, try incorporating colorful wooden or glass beads into your braids.

A statement bow is a simple yet effective way to make your hair stand out. Attach it to a high ponytail or a half-up, half-down hairstyle for adorable results. JoJo Siwa bows are particularly popular among young girls, featuring bright colors and bold patterns. Since they are large and eye-catching, you only need one to complete your school hairstyle.

Remember, the key is to have fun and experiment with different accessories to create a variety of stylish hairstyles for girls. Your hair can be your canvas, and with these ideas, you can make every school day fashionable and enjoyable.

Caring for Your Hairstyle

When it comes to maintaining school hairstyles for girls, it’s essential to keep a few key tips in mind. By taking good care of your hairstyle, you can ensure that it continues to look fabulous throughout the day.

First, when styling your hair in the morning, it’s important to blow dry it properly. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before applying heat from the hair dryer, as this can help to safeguard your hair against damage. Use a brush to help distribute the heat evenly and avoid over-drying your hair.

Incorporating an undercut into your chosen school hairstyle can help to reduce the amount of hair you need to manage. If you opt for this style, it’s important to take proper care of your undercut, as it requires regular trimming to maintain its shape. Visit a professional hairstylist to ensure that the haircut is done properly, and follow their advice on maintaining the style.

Another tip to maintain your hairstyle is to invest in quality hair products, such as conditioner and styling creams. These can help to nourish your hair and keep it looking smooth and healthy.

Furthermore, keeping a small emergency hair kit in your bag can be useful for quick touch-ups throughout the day. This kit could include items such as:

  • A small comb or brush
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • A travel-sized hairspray or hair gel

Finally, it’s important to take care of your hair’s health. Make sure to regularly trim your ends, and avoid over-processing your hair with chemicals or dyes. By following these tips, we can make it easier to maintain our chic school hairstyles and keep our hair looking its best.

Popular Hairstyles for Short Hair

These styles are not only trendy but also super easy to recreate, offering a variety of looks for every day of the week.

A modern and chic hairstyle is the pixie cut. This is a versatile and low-maintenance choice that can be styled with ease. You can rock a sleek pixie or add some texture for a more playful look. Use some hair products like wax or gel to achieve your desired texture, and you’re ready to go!

Neck Length Hairstyles pixie cut
by Pinterest

Another popular short hairstyle that complements any face shape is the rounded bob with bangs. This style highlights the facial features and is perfect for girls who want a polished look. Keeping the bob slightly longer at the front gives the style a chic edge, while the straight bangs frame the face beautifully. You can find inspiration for this look here.

Neck Length Hairstyles rounded bob with bangs
by Pinterest

For girls who prefer the retro vibe, curtain bangs have made a huge comeback in recent years. They’re perfect for adding a touch of vintage flair to your short hair. Part your bangs in the middle and let them flow to either side of your face, creating a soft curtain effect. The key to perfect curtain bangs is to keep them light and wispy, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair.

Here are some more hairstyles for short hair that are perfect for school:

  • French bob: A classic cut with blunt ends and face-framing bangs
  • Asymmetrical hairstyle: Edgy and modern, with unusual angles, shorter on one side than the other
  • Blogger bun: A small topknot, ideal for girls with short locks

We hope these suggestions inspire you to experiment and have fun with your short hair, making your school days more stylish than ever!

Unique Bun Styles

In this part, we will discuss several unique bun styles that can elevate your girl’s look, making her feel confident and stylish.

  1. Top Knot: This trendy and chic hairstyle is perfect for school days when your girl needs to keep her hair out of her face. To achieve the top knot, simply gather her hair high up on the head and create a tight ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail around the base and secure with bobby pins or an elastic band.
  2. Sock Bun: The sock bun adds an elegant touch to the classic bun. To create it, begin by cutting the toe off a sock and rolling it down into a donut shape. Next, place the sock at the end of a high ponytail and roll the hair around it until you reach the base. Tuck any loose strands in and secure with bobby pins.
  3. Bow Bun: This cute and playful style is sure to make your girl stand out at school. Start by forming a loose ponytail, then, before pulling the hair completely through the elastic band, create a loop with the hair to form a bow shape. Finally, split the loop in half and secure with bobby pins to create the bow.
  4. Messy Bun Hairstyle: For a more casual and effortless look, try the messy bun. Just gather your girl’s hair into a loose ponytail, twist it into a bun, and pull out some strands to achieve a slightly disheveled appearance. The messier, the better!

Creating Waves and Curls

One popular and versatile hairstyle choice is creating waves and curls. Beach waves and loose waves are two great options that add a touch of effortless glamour to your girl’s everyday look.

If you want to achieve those stunning beach waves, there’s an easy method. Start with damp hair and apply a sea salt spray for texture. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. Twist sections of hair and scrunch them up towards the scalp. You can also use a large barrel curling iron for a more polished finish. Just remember to hold the iron vertically and gently pull it out of the curl to avoid too much tension.

For loose waves that are equally beautiful, there are a few tricks to follow. First, use a ceramic curling wand or iron with a medium-sized barrel. Wrap small sections of hair around the wand and hold for a few seconds. Once you release the curl, softly tug on the ends to loosen it up. Continue this process around the head and finish with a light hold hairspray for a relaxed, yet defined look.

To further enhance these wavy hairstyles, don’t be afraid to add a bit of flair. You can accessorize with cute clips, headbands, or even braids for a fun, personalized touch.

Incorporating waves and curls into your girl’s school hairstyles will give her a variety of styling options on a daily basis.

Hairstyle Variations for Medium Hair

If you need a stylish haristyle for medium hair we have compiled a list of fabulous hairstyles that are perfect for girls with medium hair:

  • Half Braids: This chic hairstyle involves braiding a small section of hair on each side of the head and then pulling them back into a half ponytail. This hairstyle not only keeps your hair in place for school activities, but it also adds a twist to a regular half-up, half-down look. For a more sophisticated version, you can try Double Dutch Braids, which feature pigtail braids that resemble floating French braids.
  • Updo Hairstyle: An elegant choice for girls with medium hair is the Ballerina Bun. This classic updo can be easily achieved with some elastic ties and bobby pins, making it perfect even for the busiest school mornings. For added flair, try incorporating braids or twists into your bun.
  • Middle Part: Simple yet stylish, the middle part is a great option for girls with medium hair. To create this look, make an imaginary line from your nose up to determine where the middle is, then part your hair along that line. This timeless hairstyle complements almost any face shape and is perfect for school days.
  • Back-to-School Hairstyles: Cute and easy hairstyles like simple side-swept braids, low ponytails, and twisted buns are perfect for back-to-school. To add some fun elements to these hairstyles, consider incorporating colorful hair ties, headbands, or even small flowers.

These are just a few ideas for medium hair school hairstyles for girls. Give them a try and see which one becomes your favorite go-to look!

Our Opinion On School Hairstyles For Girls

school hairstyles for girls
Photo from Freepik

As we have two girls who go to school ourselves, we know how stressful a morning can be. Not only the right choice of outfit but also the hairstyle can be the reason for a nervous breakdown. With this article, you’ll be equipped to find the right hairstyle and make the morning a little more pleasant.
Another tip that was a game changer for us: let the children choose the outfit and hairstyle for the next day in the evening before going to bed. So they know what to expect in the morning and there are no nasty surprises.

FAQ – School Hairstyles For Girls

Which hairstyle is best for school?

Angled braids with a ponytail offer a stylish and manageable school look. Featuring central parting, thick side braids, and a braid around the nape, it’s both trendy and easy to maintain—a perfect balance of style and practicality for school-going girls.

How to look good with short hair in school?

Short hair can be equally adorable and manageable, perfect for busy school mornings. The ponytail waterfall is a great option for girls with shorter hair.
1. Brush and smooth hair.
2. Grab a small section of hair at the front of the head and secure it with a mini elastic.
3. Add more sections and elastics until you achieve a waterfall effect.

How can I hide my bad hair in school?

A quick solution is the cute bun which helps hide your bad hair and gives you a stylish look.
1. Gather hair into a high ponytail.
2. Twist the hair around the hairband for a neat bun.
3. Secure with bobby pins.

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