20 Trendy Haircuts for Round Faces: Boost Your Features 2024

Having trouble picking out the ideal hairstyle for your round face? Search no more! Hairstyles suited for round faces aim to accentuate your inherent beauty, lengthening the face and lifting your confidence. Dive into a range of styles crafted to complement your distinctive facial contours, including bouncy layers and sleek, angled cuts. Let’s delve into mastering these hairstyles and exit the salon looking and feeling fantastic!

Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Choosing the right haircut for round faces can be an adventure. We’re about to explore a range of styles that highlight your features and balance your facial shape. Whether you’re after a bold transformation or a subtle change, these options are designed to flatter.

1. Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs create a playful yet delicate frame for a round face, adding texture and angles that enhance your natural features.

haircuts for round faces Feathered Bangs
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2. Straight and Sleek Comb-Over

A sleek comb-over not only exudes elegance but also elongates the face, making it appear more oval and balanced.

haircuts for round faces Straight and Sleek Comb-Over
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3. Asymmetrical Bob

Embrace the power of the asymmetrical bob to break the symmetry of a round face, giving it a more refined appearance.

haircuts for round faces Asymmetrical Bob
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4. Textured Lob

A textured long bob (lob) is versatile and chic, with soft waves that add volume while complementing round face shapes.

haircuts for round faces Textured lob
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5. Side Swept Bob

Opt for a side-swept bob to give a lift to your face’s natural shape, imparting a sense of movement and depth.

haircuts for round faces Side Sweped Bob
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6. Long Waves

Long layers and soft waves work wonders in elongating round faces, offering a romantic and timeless aesthetic.

haircuts for round faces Long Waves
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7. Sleek Straight Hair

Straight hair styled to perfection creates vertical lines that help to visually lengthen and slim the appearance of a round face.

haircuts for round faces Sleek Straight Hair
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8. Low Bun

A low bun situated at the nape of the neck is an understated and elegant choice that highlights the jawline and cheekbones.

haircuts for round faces Low Bun
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9. High Bun

For those with round faces, a high bun can add height while showcasing the face’s natural contour.

haircuts for round faces High Bun
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10. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are bold; they make a statement and can be tailored to add volume up top, balancing the proportions of your face.

haircuts for round faces Pixie Cut
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11. Wavy Bob

The wavy bob is a charming option that brings playful movement to the hair, serving as a flattering hairstyle for those with rounder faces.

haircuts for round faces Wavy Bob
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12. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are incredibly flattering on round faces, framing the face beautifully and creating the illusion of length.

haircuts for round faces Curtain Bangs
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13. Shaggy Lob

Shake things up with a shaggy lob cut. Its layered texture adds an edge that can beautifully offset the softness of a round face.

haircuts for round faces Shaggy Lob
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14. Modern Mullet

The modern mullet with longer layers at the back and shorter pieces at the front is daring and can balance a fuller face.

haircuts for round faces Modern Mullet
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15. Undercut

Undercuts aren’t just cool; they’re also a strategic way to add dimension and structure to your hairstyle.

haircuts for round faces Undercut
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16. Side Braid

A side braid draws the eye diagonally across the face, subtly narrowing the appearance of roundness.

haircuts for round faces Side Braid
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17. Curly Bob

Embrace your curls with a curly bob; volume at the right spots can create a stunning frame for your face.

haircuts for round faces Curly Bob
by Pinterest

18. Short Bob with Face Framing Bangs

A short bob paired with face-framing bangs sharpens the overall look and adds sophistication.

haircuts for round faces Short Bob with Face Framing Bangs
by Pinterest

19. Wavy Shag

With its choppy ends and dynamic shape, the wavy shag is destined to become a favorite for its flair and face-flattering cuts.

haircuts for round faces Wavy Shag
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20. Messy Lob

Casually chic, the messy lob brings an effortless vibe that’s both modern and suitable for balancing round features.

haircuts for round faces Messy Lob
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Assessing Your Face Shape

With a round face, it is important to enhance and complement your natural facial features. Let’s take a look at the specifics of a round face shape and how consulting with a professional stylist can lead to your most flattering look.

Understanding Round Face Characteristics

A round face is characterized by a face width and length that are roughly the same, with a round chin and a soft jawline. The cheekbones are often the widest part of the face, presenting a circular form. This harmonious symmetry calls for a hairstyle that provides balance.

haircuts for round faces round face shape
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Consulting With a Stylist

Consulting with a stylist becomes invaluable when choosing a haircut. A stylist can assess the unique aspects of your round face—taking into account hair texture and personal style—to suggest haircuts that elongate and flatter your face shape. An experienced stylist will guide us toward a look that not only fits our round face but also reflects our individuality.

Styling Tips for Round Faces

Crafting the perfect hairstyle is all about the details. For people with round faces, it’s important to find haircuts that add structure and balance.

Bangs and Fringes

Hairstyles with bangs offer a fabulous way to add dimension to round faces. Opting for curtain bangs creates a soft, elongated effect that flatters our facial shape. They frame the face gently, drawing attention to the eyes and away from the width of the face. Alternatively, a side-parted fringe can introduce asymmetry which is a great visual trick for rounder faces.

Volume and Angles

Volume is your ally, as it helps to extend the face vertically, as opposed to horizontally. Adding layers that build volume at the crown can make your face appear longer. Choosing haircuts with angles and sharp lines also helps by adding definition. An asymmetrical bob can be a striking choice that plays with lines and structure in your favor.

Parting Techniques

The way you part your hair can dramatically impact your overall look. A deep side part tends to be more flattering for round faces as it creates an illusion of length and sculpts your facial features. On the other hand, a middle part can work if you’re aiming for symmetry but should be paired with volume at the roots to maintain balance.

Haircuts For Round Faces – Our Recommendation

If you’ve ever felt unsure about which haircut to choose for your round face, worry no more. We understand that the right haircut can transform your look, accentuating your best features and downplaying others. For those with round faces or chubbier cheeks, the goal is often to create an illusion of length and sharpness.

Choosing the Right Haircut for Your Hair Type

Wavy to Curly Hair: If your locks are naturally wavy or curly, opt for longer layers that add height and create an elongated silhouette. A side-swept beach wave is not only glamorous but also perfect for balancing the width of a round face.

Straight Hair: For straight hair, a long bob or an inverted bob is ideal. This style draws the eye downward, adding length to your face. Keep the hair sleek to prevent any additional volume on the sides, which can widen the face.

Steering Clear of Unflattering Styles

Avoid haircuts that are too short and voluminous at the sides; this can accentuate the roundness of your face. Haircuts like blunt-cut bangs or voluminous bobs are usually a no-go if you’re aiming to slim your face outline. Instead, lean towards styles that elongate and slim your face’s appearance. A bombshell blowout with subtle highlights, as shown by celebrities like Mila Kunis, can truly complement your round face by drawing attention vertically.

FAQ – Haircuts For Round Faces

What haircut looks best on a round face?

For a round face, long layers that cascade gently around the face can create a more elongated look. Side-swept beach waves also offer glamour while narrowing the face visually.

Do round faces look better with shorter or longer hair?

Generally, longer hair tends to be more flattering on round faces as it provides length to the face. That said, a beautiful bob cut can also be tailored to soften the roundness if styled correctly with some texture or waves.

Are there any specific haircuts to avoid for round faces?

It’s often advised to avoid blunt, chin-length bobs and chunky, heavy bangs as they can accentuate the roundness. Instead, opt for hairstyles like asymmetrical cuts or styles with volume on top.

Is a round face shape attractive?

Absolutely! A round face shape is very attractive; it conveys a youthful look and tends to maintain its appearance well over time. Embracing your unique face shape with a haircut that suits it is the key to showcasing your natural beauty.

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