10+ Savage Viking Hairstyles For Short Hair 2024

Discover the potential of Viking-inspired hairstyles for short hair, merging the ancient boldness with today’s fashion sensibilities. From sleek bobs to edgy pixie cuts, learn how to add a touch of the rugged and sophisticated Viking flair to your shorter hair. Though Vikings are often depicted with long, untamed locks, having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this style. Delve into various braiding techniques, twists, and accessories that embody the fierce essence of Viking style. It’s not just the length that matters, but the attitude and the intricacies that make a statement across all eras. Drawing from Norse mythology, these enduring and vibrant hairstyles turn short hair into a powerful narrative of strength. Join us in transforming your short hair into a piece that marries the fearlessness of history with the sleekness of modern style.

Popular Viking Hairstyles For Short Hair

When we explore Viking hairstyles for short hair, we uncover a world where practicality meets fierce aesthetic. We have put together a list of the most beautiful viking hairstyles for you.

1. Warrior Braids

Warrior braids are an homage to the legendary shield maidens, offering a strong and functional choice that keeps hair out of the way during daily activities.

viking hairstyles for short hair warrior braids
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2. Shaved Sides with Top Knot

shaved sides with top knot style combines a stark contrast between shaved areas and a dominant knot, creating a standout look reminiscent of classic Viking warriors.

viking hairstyles for short hair Shaved Sides with Top Knot
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3. Braided Mohawk

For those who sport a Viking mohawk, braiding adds a textured layer to the traditionally fierce haircut, resulting in an eye-catching and structured style.

viking hairstyles for short hair Braided Mohawk
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4. Braided Faux Hawk

The braided faux hawk mirrors the rebellious spirit of a mohawk but uses braids on short hair to fashion a playful yet warrior-like appearance.

viking hairstyles for short hair Braided Faux Hawk
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5. Undercut with Braids

The Viking undercut with braids provides an edgy silhouette where the intricacy of the braids complements the boldness of the undercut.

viking hairstyles for short hair Undercut with Braids
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6. Half-Up Braids

Half-up braids work beautifully with short hair, offering a versatile look that can be both laid-back and battle-ready, ideal for the modern-day shield maiden.

viking hairstyles for short hair Half-Up Braids
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7. Double Braided Crown

double braided crown offers an air of nobility while maintaining a down-to-earth feel, perfect for those looking to channel their inner Viking royalty.

viking hairstyles for short hair Double Braided Crown
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8. Runic Shaved Design

Incorporating a runic shaved design into short hair allows for a personalized touch, as these ancient symbols can carry different meanings and associations.

viking hairstyles for short hair Runic Shaved Design
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9. Braided Ponytail

Even with short hair, a braided ponytail remains achievable and adds a touch of elegance to the rugged Viking style.

viking hairstyles for short hair Braided Ponytail
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10. Braided Side Part

braided side part on short hair provides a subtle nod to Viking aesthetics without the need for more extensive hairstyles or lengths.

viking hairstyles for short hair Braided Side Part
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11. Shaved Zigzag Patterns

For the daring, shaved zigzag patterns can transform an ordinary haircut into a bold statement, inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Vikings.

viking hairstyles for short hair Shaved Zigzag Patterns
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12. Viking Mohawk

A true Viking mohawk stands out with its striking height and can be accentuated with braids or beads for an extra touch of personality.

viking hairstyles for short hair Viking Mohawk
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13. Viking Braids with Accessories

Finally, dressing up Viking braids with accessories like beads or rings can add a distinct flair to short hairstyles, making them as unique as the individuals who wear them.

viking hairstyles for short hair Viking Braids with Accessoires
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Historical Context of Viking Hairstyles

We often envision Vikings sporting long, wild, and daunting hairstyles, but viking hairstyles for short hair were also significant and common.

Traditional Viking Hairstyles

Men: While many of us picture Vikings with long hair and braids, historical evidence shows diversity in hairstyles. Short hair was practical for warriors for hygiene and helmet-wearing. Artifacts, such as sculptures and jewelry, depict Norse males with short hair on the back and sides with lengthier hair on top, sometimes styled with a deep parting.

Women: Viking women’s hairstyles ranged from simple to intricate, often reflecting their status. Commonly, married women kept their hair gathered or covered, whereas younger women wore loose hair or braids. Short hair wasn’t a typical feature, but practicality in daily chores might lead to trimmed locks or utilitarian styles.

Cultural Significance

Hairstyles in Viking culture carried a wealth of meaning beyond mere fashion. They symbolized one’s position within society, marital status, and were even imbued with ritual significance tied to Norse mythology.

  • Status: Intricate braiding and adornments in hairstyles were often markers of a higher societal status or wealth.
  • Rituals: During ceremonial events, such as weddings or rites of passage, hairstyles could play a significant part, sometimes reflecting narratives from mythology or conveying blessings from the gods.

Hairstyles functioned as non-verbal communicators of one’s identity, echoing the nuanced tapestry of viking culture and life. Our understanding of these historically accurate styles not only shapes our perception of the Viking Age but also enriches the narrative of this intriguing chapter in history.

Styling Techniques and Maintenance

When we think of Viking hairstyles for short hair, we often imagine intricate braids and rugged beards. We’ll explore how to create and maintain these styles in a way that’s authentic and stylish.

Braiding Methods

Braiding is a cornerstone of Viking-inspired hairstyles, even for short hair. Here’s how we can add some Nordic flair:

  • Simple Plait: Start with damp hair and apply sea salt spray for texture. Create a basic three-strand braid at the temple for a subtle Viking touch.
  • Viking Braids: For a more detailed look, section off the top of your hair and create small, tight Viking braids that lay flat against the scalp.

Hair Care Rituals

Maintaining a Viking hairstyle isn’t just about the initial styling; it’s about the day-to-day grooming rituals that keep our hair and beards looking fierce:

  • Beard Care (Men): Keeping a full beard in true Viking fashion requires regular washing, conditioning, and the application of grooming products like beard oils or balms.
  • Hair Maintenance: Use a matte pomade or clay to style short hair without a sheen. Invest in high-quality hair accessories to manage longer sections or braids. Regular trims are essential to keep any Viking hairstyle looking sharp and neat.

Adapting Viking Hairstyles to Modern Fashion

As enthusiasts of the viking look, we understand the appeal of viking hairstyles for short hair. Now, let’s explore how to blend these storied styles with contemporary fashion trends.

Incorporating Contemporary Trends

To keep our viking style relevant, we weave modern elements into our braids. Hair type and length may vary, but even short hair can flaunt a viking fishtail or decorated braids. Our tastes evolve with fashion, and so does the interpretation of the viking look. We’ve noticed incorporating a textured finish or layering hair can channel a viking vibe that is both historical and trendy. For those with an edgier lifestyle or who wish to make a bold statement, we might suggest an undercut, which pairs well with braids and adds instant viking volume.

Accessorizing and Variations

When we discuss accessorizing, we are advocating for a marriage between viking style and modern fashion. Here’s how we can add that extra touch:

  • Hairpins and Clips: Use these to secure braids or to mimic the look of armor.
  • Rings and Threads: Weave these into braids to add a personalized texture.
  • Headbands: Opt for leather or metallic headbands for a nod to the old Norse aesthetic.

Understanding your face shape helps in customizing braids that enhance your features, while also staying true to the viking style. A viking fishtail braid along the crown works wonders for an oval face, while side braids can accent a heart-shaped face. Remember: viking fashion is versatile, and with the right touch, you can make it utterly your own regardless of your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Viking Style for You

Selecting the perfect viking hairstyles for short hair can enhance your features and showcase your personality. We’ll guide you in finding a Viking haircut suited to your hair type and lifestyle, focusing specifically on short hair.

Hair Types and Face Shapes

When it comes to hair types, it’s essential to recognize whether you have fine, wavy, straight, curly, or thick hair:

  • Fine Hair: Opt for styles that add volume like layered cuts or textured short crew Viking hairstyles that give the appearance of thickness.
  • Wavy to Curly Hair: Embrace the natural texture with tapered sides and a bit more length on top to show off your waves or curls.
  • Thick Hair: Viking haircuts with shaved sides or a temple shave cut can reduce bulk and draw attention to a bold top section.

For face shapes, different cuts flatter each unique contour:

  • Round Face: Hairstyles with volume on top can elongate your face, like a high and tight or faux hawk.
  • Oval Face: You’re in luck; most Viking styles will complement your features. Simple braids and understated shaves work nicely.
  • Square or Rectangular Face: Soften your jawline with haircuts that have rounded edges or opt for a style that brings in some asymmetry.
viking hairstyles for short hair face shapes
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Personal Style and Comfort

Your haircut should reflect your personal style and fit your lifestyle:

  • Easy to Maintain: If you prefer low-maintenance, choose short Viking styles that require minimal styling, like a short crew cut.
  • Bold and Complex: If you enjoy making a statement and don’t mind spending time on your hair, look into Viking styles with intricate braids or a combination of shaved and long hair portions.

Remember, your confidence wearing any of these styles is the key ingredient that will truly define your look.

Our Opinion On Viking Hairstyles For Short Hair

We’re big fans of viking hairstyles for short hair—they’re not just for the battlefield anymore! These styles are a testament to the enduring influence of Viking culture and they carry a rugged charm that’s both historical and modern. Whether you’re channeling the spirit of a warrior or simply looking for a bold new look, these hairstyles offer a distinctive edge.

  • Practicality: With short hair, these styles are reasonably easy to maintain while still making a statement.
  • Versatility: They can be adapted to various occasions, from casual to formal.

We find them supremely cool, and they definitely add a touch of fierce individuality to one’s appearance. So if you’re ready to embrace your inner Viking, why not give one of these short haircuts a go?

FAQ – Viking Hairstyles For Short Hair

Did Vikings wear short hair?

Vikings had a variety of hair lengths, from long to short. Men in particular were known to sport shorter hairstyles, especially during warfare, as it was practical for both hygiene and helmet use. Some evidence suggests that Vikings kept short hair in styles that were functional and manageable.

How to do Viking braids on short hair?

Even with short hair, you can achieve a Viking-inspired look by creating small, tight braids on the sides or back of the head, working with the length you have. Accessorize with beads or leather ties for an authentic touch. Braided mohawks or side braids can also lend a warrior-like appearance.

How did female Vikings wear their hair?

Female Vikings most likely wore their hair in various styles, from loose to complex braids, depending on their length. For those with short hair, braids would have been simpler or incorporated into half-up, half-down styles for both practicality and aesthetic.

How do I get the Viking look?

To get a Viking look with short hair, consider adding texture with layers or getting an undercut, which mimics the shaved styles of Viking warriors. Use styling products to achieve a tousled, voluminous effect, and consider temporary hair tattoos to mimic the look of intricate braids or metal adornments.

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