Elegant Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair 2024

Selecting the ideal wedding hairstyle is something we all approach with dedication. After all, it’s your significant occasion, and every element matters! If you have the advantage of a cherubic, plump face and sumptuous long locks, navigating through the vast array of style choices might feel daunting. However, worry no more, as we are here to assist you in finding the top wedding hairstyles for long hair that complement a chubby face, guaranteeing you look absolutely breathtaking on your walk down the aisle.

We understand the unique challenges that come with a fuller face – the goal is to enhance your natural beauty while crafting a look that gives you confidence and complements your features. Whether it’s creating an illusion of length or framing your face just right, we’ll explore hairstyles that will balance your proportions and highlight your best assets. From elegant updos to flowing waves, there’s a hairstyle for every long-haired bride with a rounder face who wishes to look and feel fabulous.

Finding the Right Style

Finding that perfect harmony between elegance and face-flattering form is key when you choose your wedding hairstyle.

Consider Your Face Shape

Our face shape can heavily influence the overall look of a hairstyle. For those of us with a chubby face, hairstyles with soft layers and strategic parting can add an illusion of length and structure. A half-up ‘do with soft waves graciously frames our cheeks, whereas a side messy bun creates a focal point that elongates our face. This approach complements our natural features and enhances our bridal glow.

Assess Your Hair Texture

Understanding our hair’s texture allows us to refine our choice. For long hair that’s naturally thick or curly, soft updos can prevent our hair from overwhelming our face, while also providing a slimming effect. If our hair is fine or straight, adding volume at the crown with curls or a bouffant can heighten the style without added bulk. Each strand plays its part in achieving a balanced and beautiful outcome for our special day.

Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is a decision that’s both exciting and a bit daunting, especially for those of us with chubby faces. But no worries, because we’ve put together some options for bridal hairstyles with a chubby face in the next section.

Elegant Updos

Creating vertical lines with an updo is a stylish way to elongate a chubby face. Opt for a high bun or a soft chignon positioned at the crown to add height to your appearance. Achieve a glamorous look with curly buns that are not only easy to manage but also radiate elegance.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair high bun chubby face
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Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair soft chignon chubby face
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Romantic Waves

Nothing speaks romance quite like flowing waves. For added texture and volume, consider a cascade of loose curls that drape over the shoulders, framing the face gracefully. This can be a simple yet breathtaking style that complements any wedding gown perfectly.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair loose curls chubby face
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Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair loose curls chubby face
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Classic Braids

Braids can be your best friends when it comes to chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair. A crown braid serves as a beautiful halo, adding structure and definition, while a side braid works to accentuate your features by drawing the eye downward along the braid’s length.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair crown braid chubby face
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Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair side braid chubby face
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Accessory Integration

When we talk about transforming chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair, accessories are not just additions but essentials that frame our face beautifully. They offer balance and elegance, enhancing features while providing that bridal radiance.

Veils and Tiaras

Veils play a pivotal role in adding a traditional touch, softening the face’s edges with their sheer grace. But it’s not just any veil we seek; for our fuller cheekbones, opt for a cathedral-length veil that cascades beyond the length of the hair. It draws the eye vertically, creating a slender profile. Tiaras, on the other hand, should be chosen with a slight elevation. They give us a regal look while elongating the face, especially when coupled with a subtle bump of volume at the crown.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair tiara chubby face
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Flowers and Hairpins

Flowers offer a natural, romantic flair. Strategically placing larger blooms near the back of the hair or on the side can shift focus from the cheeks and bring it towards the hair itself. We favor lilies or orchids for their size and exquisite beauty. Hairpins are not to be underestimated either. Clustered sparkling pins or combs around a bun or within braids add twinkling detail, drawing the attention away from the fullness of the face to the sophistication of the style.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair flower hairstyle
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Styling Tips and Tricks

When it comes to creating stunning chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair, we know you want to look your absolute best on your special day. Our expert tips will ensure your hairstyle complements your beautiful features and stays put from the walk down the aisle to the last dance.

Volume-Boosting Techniques

To add volume to your hair, we suggest starting with damp hair and applying a lightweight mousse from roots to ends. Then, carefully blow-dry your hair with your head upside down to lift the roots. For extra fullness, consider using hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron to create soft waves that frame your face beautifully. Teasing the hair gently at the crown can also provide a fuller look that harmonizes with chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Long-Lasting Hold

For your hairstyle to last through every hug, picture, and dance step, you’ll need to rely on trusted products. We recommend using a firm-hold hairspray after styling – a little goes a long way! For updos, bobby pins are your best friends. Try the locking technique where you cross two pins to keep your hair securely in place. Remember, a trial run with your hairstylist can help fine-tune your look and ensure a long-lasting hold.

Hair Care Pre-Wedding

When we’re preparing for a big day, we understand the importance of having every detail perfect, and that includes our hair. Especially when considering chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair, it’s essential to start with a strong, healthy base. Let’s see how to nurture those locks leading up to your wedding.

Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair wedding hairstyle chubby face
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Conditioning Treatments

Beautiful hair begins with hydration and nutrition. About once a week, we indulge in a deep conditioning treatment. Select a product that targets your hair type—fine, thick, curly, or straight, as this will ensure the best results. This routine not only heightens softness and shine but also minimizes frizz, making those long tresses easier to style into flattering looks for a rounder face.

Regular Trimming

To ensure every strand stands out, we keep up with regular trims. Snipping those ends every 6-8 weeks not only keeps hair healthy but also promotes growth. It’s the best defense against split ends that can make your chic updo or luscious curls look less than lustrous. Even if we’re growing our hair out, a little trim can go a long way.

FAQ – Chubby Face Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

What hairstyle is best for a chubby face?

For chubby faces, hairstyles that add height and create length are ideal. Options like a high soft waves or an elegant side braid work wonders in elongating the face. An asymmetrical style or layers can also draw the eye vertically, creating a slimming effect.

Do chubby faces look better with long or short hair?

Long hair tends to be more flattering for chubby faces, providing the flexibility to style in a way that lengthens the face. However, if you prefer short hair, choose a cut that offers volume at the crown, like a pixie with longer layers on top, which can help to elongate your face’s appearance.

What hairstyles should chubby faces avoid?

Chubby faces may want to steer clear of hairstyles that are very sleek or those that add width at the cheeks, like a blunt cut just at chin level. Overly tight ponytails or buns might also not be the most flattering, as they can emphasize roundness.

What hairstyle makes your face slimmer?

Hairstyles that create angles and utilize volume at the crown can make the face appear slimmer. Consider a half up half down style, which adds length or layers that start below the jawline. Side parts can also work well in diverting attention away from the fullness of the face.

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