Turn Heads with 15 Great Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair 2024

Boho short hairstyles aren’t merely a method to embody the unconstrained spirit of summer festivities throughout the year; they also showcase the adaptability and creative potential. These relaxed styles revolve around celebrating one’s natural hair texture while projecting an aura of easy elegance.

The beauty of boho hairstyles lies in their simplicity and the playful air they lend to our overall appearance. Whether we’re weaving tiny braids into our locks for a touch of whimsy or opting for a textured updo framed by flowery accessories, these styles reflect our free-spirited nature without the need for long tresses.

15 Must Try Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair

Exploring boho hairstyles for short hair reveals a world of creative freedom and expression. We understand the struggle of finding versatile styles for shorter locks, so we’ve curated a list of the top boho-chic looks that you can easily recreate.

1. Messy Waves

Creating messy waves on short hair adds a relaxed and carefree vibe that’s essential for a bohemian look.

boho hairstyles for short hair Messy Waves
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2. Braided Crown

Channel your inner boho queen with a braided crown. This style circles your head with a braid that doubles as a headband, exuding a regal yet laid-back aura.

boho hairstyles for short hair Braided Crown
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3. Textured Pixie Cut

Don’t let the length fool you; a textured pixie cut can be styled with a bohemian flair. Spike it with some texturizing cream for an edgy twist to a classic pixie.

boho hairstyles for short hair Textured Pixie Cut
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4. Half-Up Top Knot

The half-up top knot is an easy and fashionable way for those with short hair to participate in boho styling. Pull the top section of your hair into a small bun while letting the rest flow freely.

boho hairstyles for short hair Half-Up Top Knot
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5. Headband Tuck

A simple and quick boho look is the headband tuck. Slide a headband over your locks and tuck the hair into it to create an enchanting, easy updo perfect for short hair.

boho hairstyles for short hair Headband Tuck
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6. Fishtail Braid

Even with short hair, a fishtail braid is a beautiful way to add texture and detail. Braid a small section and let it stand out against the rest of your loose hair.

boho hairstyles for short hair Fishtail Braid
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7. Twisted Updo

Try a twisted updo for a sophisticated take. Twist sections of your hair and pin them up to craft a look that’s both intricate and bohemian.

boho hairstyles for short hair Twisted Updo
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8. Messy Bun

The messy bun isn’t reserved for long hair. Short strands can create a mini version of this boho staple. It’s easy and effortlessly chic.

boho hairstyles for short hair Messy Bun
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9. Feather Accessories

Incorporate feather accessories for that iconic boho statement. They add a natural and free-spirited touch when clipped into your hair.

boho hairstyles for short hair Feather Accessories
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10. Boho Bob with Beachy Texture

Give the classic bob a twist with a boho bob with beachy texture. Use a salt spray to achieve those sought-after waves that scream boho chic.

boho hairstyles for short hair Boho Bob with Beachy Texture
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11. Boho Head Scarf

Wrap a boho head scarf around your head and tie it at the nape. It’s functional for keeping hair away from your face while adding a splash of pattern and color.

boho hairstyles for short hair Boho Head Scarf
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12. Side Braided Hair

Create a side braided detail by plaiting a small section of hair on one side. It’s a subtle nod to boho fashion that makes a big impact.

boho hairstyles for short hair Side Braided
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13. Loose Twisted Chignon

loose twisted chignon situated at the nape is a romantic and easy-going style that adds an air of bohemian sophistication to short hair.

boho hairstyles for short hair Loose Twisted Chignon
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14. Boho Bangs with Headband

Pair your boho bangs with a headband placed just above the brows. This effortless addition to your look can make short hair seem whimsical and fun.

boho hairstyles for short hair Boho Bangs with Headband
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15. Crown of Flowers

Finally, wearing a crown of flowers instantly elevates any short hairstyle into the realm of the enchanting boho. Choose fresh or faux blooms for a natural, fairy-like allure.

boho hairstyles for short hair Crown of Flowers
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Understanding Boho Hairstyles

Boho hairstyles for short hair are a blend of carefree spirit and romantic charm, and they offer the perfect mix of free-spirited aesthetics and practicality. In the next paragraph we will tell you more about the boho style.

Historical Context

Bohemian culture has always celebrated artistic, unorthodox lifestyles, and this ethos extends to its hairstyles. Originating from the free-spirited bohemian lifestyle of the 19th century, boho hairstyles are defined by a sense of freedom and nonconformity. They became especially popular during the 1960s and 1970s when individual expression was at its peak.

Bohemian Fashion Elements

Typically, bohemian fashion combines various textures and patterns with a relaxed vibe. When it comes to hair, elements like braids, waves, and natural texture often come into play. Accessorizing with floral accents, headbands, or hats can accentuate a bohemian look, even for short hairstyles.

Key Characteristics of Boho Hairstyles

Boho hairstyles evoke a sense of whimsy and effortless style. Key features include:

  • Loose waves or curls: Gentle, tousled waves add softness to the hairstyle.
  • Braids: Small braids incorporated into the hair or around the crown create a quintessentially boho effect.
  • Texture: Whether it’s from natural curls or added with products, texture is vital to achieving a boho look.

Hair Type and Texture Considerations

Every hair type, from straight to tightly coiled, can embrace a boho hairstyle. The key is maintaining your hair’s natural texture while adding elements like braids or twists. For short hair, it’s important to work with your hair’s inherent volume and movement to create a boho hairstyle that feels authentic and easy.

Creating Boho Hairstyles for Short Hair

Boho hairstyles for short hair can transform your look with whimsical elegance. We’ll explore the preparations, braiding techniques, and step-by-step tutorials to bring that boho chic to your short hair.

Preparation and Tools

Before we begin, it’s important to have the right tools on hand. You’ll want:

  • Texturizing or volumizing powder to give your hair a bit more grip and volume.
  • Bobby pins in various sizes to secure twists and braids.
  • Accessories such as small flowers, beaded headbands, or decorative clips to add that signature boho charm.

Ensure your hair is clean and dry, perhaps with a bit of texture from a curling wand or crimping iron, to make it more pliable.

Basic Braiding Skills

Braids are a cornerstone of the boho chic hairstyle. The fishtail braid and French braid are particularly adaptable for short hair, creating an effortlessly chic look.

  • Start by practicing a three-strand braid, moving on to more complex braiding like the fishtail or French versions.
  • Remember that braids for short hair don’t have to be as tight or as neat as for long hair; a bit of looseness adds to the boho charm.

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Boho Hairstyles

  1. The Textured Bun: Twist your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins, allowing some strands to fall freely for a romantic boho hairstyle.
  2. Braided Accents: Add a small French braid along your hairline or incorporate a fishtail braid on one side to bring a boho vibe to even the shortest of styles.
  3. Dimensional Bohemian Updo: Create multiple small twists or braids and pin them into a dimensional updo. Tuck in tiny flowers for a floral boho touch.

Accessorizing Boho Hairstyles

The right accessories can transform a simple haircut into a chic bohemian look that reflects our free-spirited nature.

Selecting the Right Accessories

Choosing accessories for our boho hairstyle hinges on the vibe we’re aiming for. A headband can be an elegant touch, especially when it’s a lacy or princess style. Go for jewelry that complements the hairstyle – think beaded headbands or metallic clips that catch the light. If we prefer something subtle, elastic bands or small pins with nature-inspired designs can securely hold those loose strands in place.

Incorporating Flowers and Nature

Flower crowns are quintessential to boho chic. Whether we’re adorning our hair with fresh blooms or high-quality faux flowers, they can add a burst of color and life to our look. Not to mention, tucking in some greenery or petite flowers can make it seem like we’ve crafted our hairstyle right out of a fairytale. When a full crown feels like too much, just a few strategically placed buds can still capture that bohemian essence.

Boho Hairstyles for Different Occasions

From carefree days to elegant evenings, boho hairstyles for short hair work for various occasions.

Casual Boho Looks

For everyday flair, casual boho looks are our go-to for simplicity and style. Twists and loose waves work wonderfully on short, straight hair, giving it that effortless, beachy vibe. Especially for medium-length hair, incorporating braids or small flowers can instantly elevate the natural texture of your strands. And if you’re a fan of the 70s fashion resurgence, why not add a headband for that vintage, artistic touch?

Festival and Party Styles

When it’s time to dance the night away at a festival or party, amp up your look with bold festival styles that scream fun. Think vibrant boho ponytails with colorful accessories or a half up half down hair ‘do that keeps your locks out of your face while you groove. As for the beachy babes out there, beachy waves with a bit of sparkle or a flower crown are the quintessential party picks for those with wavy hair.

Boho Hairstyles for Bridal and Formal Events

For those once-in-a-lifetime moments, like saying “I do” in a dreamy bridal gown, boho hairstyles for short hair can indeed be formal and breathtaking. A polished half up half down hair style adorned with delicate pearls or blooms offers a romantic nod to tradition, while still keeping that bohemian spirit alive. Don’t forget that a beautifully twisted updo or a gentle cascade of curls can also suit any formal attire with grace and whimsy.

FAQ – Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair

Are there any easy boho updos for short hair?

Absolutely! An easy updo for short hair could be a mini bun secured at the back of your head, or even a series of small twisted sections pinned artfully throughout your hair. For a touch of boho flair, leave a few face-framing strands loose.

How can I style my short hair in a boho fashion?

Styling your short hair with boho waves using a curling iron or a sea salt spray can give you a carefree look. Another great option is a textured pixie cut embellished with a headband. Braid small sections for a more intricate boho vibe.

What makes a boho look?

The boho look is characterized by its relaxed and artistic aesthetic. Think soft waves, braids, and a certain undone elegance. It’s about looking effortlessly chic, with small braids or twists adding to the whimsical feel of the style.

What accessories work best for boho short hairstyles?

Consider accessories like flower crowns, feathered headbands, or rustic clips. These add a playful yet romantic touch to your hair, accentuating the boho look beautifully. Natural materials like wood or stones in hair accessories also enhance the earthy, boho vibe.

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